What's this wacky French car worth?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Dave, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Sorry about the non-Peugeot post, but you guys are knowledgable about
    these wacky old French cars, aren't you?
    Is it worth restoring...?? Shipping to Quebec/Europe to sell?

    1975 Renault 17 Gordini

    Stored since 1989 on an Alberta farm.

    See it at
    Body, side:
    Engine shot:
    Floor Shot:

    This little sports car is complete and has a fuel-injected, 100hp 1.6
    Hemi engine and a 5 speed. It's bright green with a black interior.

    email me at: qwertyuiop95 (a) hotmail.com for more info, or

    Very little rust, but could use a paint job, as there are rust spots
    where the paint has failed. It runs but needs to be driven to get it
    tweaked just right. The fuel injection is really cool, one of the
    first electronic systems made by Bosch.

    Right now it has the carpet and seats out to check the
    floor pan (where these babies rust). When I took the seats out the
    screws all came out easily (I have never seen that before).

    Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada - stored inside garage for the
    Dave, Dec 11, 2003
  2. Dave

    G.T Guest

    Talking about an R17 Gordini, it's not a common car (even here, in France).
    I'm not a Renault fan at all, but I guess it wouldn't worth shipping it to
    France for sale. Would worth restauring, though, as it must rock. I'm more
    suspicious about handling.
    Rust is a common problem on these times french (and perhaps european) cars,
    however it may have an extra rust protection for some destinations at
    export - Canada is possibly one of these, because of snow and the use of
    salt far more often than in France.
    If it's an electronic fuel injection, it cannot be something else than the
    Bosch's K-Jetronic series ('75 is too early for a L-Jetronic, AFAIK),
    mechanic fuel injection with electronically-enabled main fuel injectors
    (supplied continuously as far as ignition on) with mechanically-driven fuel
    distribution / qty management + electronically controlled cold start fuel
    injector - which is one weakness of the K-Jetronic injections : the cold
    start system is prone to failure, and most users just disconnect power (not
    fuel, eh) of this injector.
    G.T, Dec 11, 2003
  3. They probably handle fine. I wish I'd been able to see the pictures, the
    links didn't work for me. We might move back to Canada and it'd be a fun
    project, but no-where to store something like that in the meantime :(
    They don't use salt very often.

    Richard Kilpatrick, Dec 12, 2003
  4. Dave

    G.T Guest

    I always feel suspicious about Renault's (and even more oldtimer Renaults)
    handling. Perhaps I'm just too used to Pug standards.
    Well, neither did they for me - I'm curious, as it doesn't seem there was a
    R17 Gordini ever sold here, in France. In my previous post I certainly made
    the confusion with the R12G, which existed. Perhaps R17 Gorde was just an
    "export-specific" model.
    If I had money for, I'd like to get hold of an old 504 (preferentially
    Diesel or sedan TI), restore it and use it sometimes, for fun (sure you see
    my point).
    G.T, Dec 13, 2003
  5. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Thanks for all the interest. My website (running on a $50 MAC) shuts
    off a 11:30 pm MST (GMT-7) and reboots at 7am.

    The Gordini option included the Bosch D-Jetronic EFI (with control box
    and solenoid injectors), and 5 speed tranny.

    It seems there are still some R17's in Australia, Netherlands, Canada,
    and Sweden, based on this site:

    Dave, Dec 14, 2003
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