The dreaded ABS fault again…

Discussion in 'Peugeot 307' started by Average.Dad, Jul 13, 2021.

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    Jul 13, 2021
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    Hi all,
    I’m new on here and looking for help with a constant ABS fault on my Dad-in-law’s 307 style 1.4 Petrol from 2003. I think this maybe useful to others as it’s a very common fault. So, the fault appears immediately on startup. So far I’ve checked wheel sensors are clean and gapped, the Omron double relay changed (adjacent to under bonnet fuse box). 10A and 30A maxifuse checked. All plugs tested for supply voltage. The reluctor magnetic rings in the hubs are clean. Brakes bled. I then drove it to see if it cleared. No joy. I’ve checked everything I can think of. My suspicion is the ABS pump as these fail regularly. It’s due MOT soon so I’m looking for anyone that can offer a Peugeot Planet diagnostic so that I can pinpoint the issue. I don’t want to commit to a garage as the car doesn’t warrant spending on it. Id hate to scrap it if I can sort it myself cheaply. Can anyone help?

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    Average.Dad, Jul 13, 2021
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