Squeking sound when changing gear

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Poul Dürr Pedersen, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Hi NG,
    I have a 306 2.0 HDI from year 2000. I happy about the fantastic car but
    during the past couple of months a squeking sound is anoying me a bit. I
    happens when I change gear from 2. or 4. gear. The sound seems to come from
    just below the gear lever.

    Anyone any idea what causing the sound? I recon it could be some
    fitting/sleeve when translating the gear level movement from vertical to
    horizontal underneath the bottom of the car.

    Poul Dürr Pedersen
    Poul Dürr Pedersen, Feb 27, 2007
  2. Poul Dürr Pedersen

    Chrs Guest

    Can you spray down the shaft? if so it might be a nylon bush drying
    up.or a rubber bush, try and have a look under the shaft cover and
    spray wd40 round it all..
    Chrs, Feb 27, 2007
  3. Poul Dürr Pedersen

    moron Guest

    HI I had the same squeek as you ,but in a 2ltr 406and the problem was the
    sealing ring on the exhaust manufold that holds the front pipe air
    tight,it had been assembled dry,it should have been assembled using a bit
    of high melting piont grease,when i did this it cured my problem squeek,i
    hope this helps somebody
    moron, Mar 5, 2007
  4. Thanx for your help,
    I think I can live with the sound another month and have a look at it when
    the weather get a bit warmer. We have had a snow storm her in DK a week

    Poul Dürr Pedersen, Mar 6, 2007
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