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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Chrs, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Chrs

    Chrs Guest

    we never look after are own cars us Mechanics, as i went to bagshot
    then to walton on thames. getting to a car park in walton found a
    lot of smoke coming from my rear wheel.removed the wheel and the very
    hot drum let it cool down then rejust the brakes. so i hope this never
    happens again but i have got to replace the wheel cyl at least.i think
    the shoes got caught on the rust inside on the back plate.
    well i think it just a case of keeping a eye on it for now.
    Chrs, Jan 28, 2008
  2. Chrs

    Linea Recta Guest

    You're not supposed to keep your foot on it while driving... :)


    |\ /|
    | \/ |@rk
    Linea Recta, Jan 29, 2008
  3. Chrs

    Chrs Guest

    it was the back plate got rust indside it and the shoe was caught on
    that so i have put wd40 in there and copper gresse
    Chrs, Jan 29, 2008
  4. Don't tell me those greasy coppers are still around ;o)
    Keith Willcocks, Jan 29, 2008
  5. Chrs

    shazzbat Guest

    I've never heard such a load of bullshit in my life. If you're a mechanic
    I'm a brain surgeon.

    shazzbat, Jan 30, 2008
  6. That's handy. I have been getting these headaches and ..............
    Keith Willcocks, Jan 31, 2008
  7. Chrs

    Chrs Guest

    if your a brain surgeon and your in this group get your self a good
    Chrs, Jan 31, 2008
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