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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by mariou, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. mariou

    mariou Guest

    I recently bought a 307 XS 110HP 3Doors and I'm in love with it! I'll
    get it next friday and I have to decided by Monday/Tuesday whether I
    change the rims and tires consequently. It comes with 15" Apollo alloy
    rims mounted with 195x65x15 and I'm planning to change to 17"
    Challenger rims and mount 205x50x17. Whether or not to change it matter
    of how much I like the rims in the car and also how much I have to
    spend in this since I streched myself beyond my wildest dreams to buy
    this car. So it's a tough call but hey... life is today... and if not
    now, when? if not me, who?

    Question 1: Is my pick on tire size ok? Should I go for 215x45x17?
    Question 2: My choices are Pirelli PZero Rosso, Continental Sport
    Contact 2 and Vredestein ultrac and sportrac. I'm inclined to go for
    Pirelli since this is a high range tire which I think got to be a great
    quality. I'm a big fan of Michelin but unfortunately they don't carry
    that size here (at least as of today). Any comments on these tires?

    Many thanks people,
    mariou, Apr 22, 2006
  2. The Pirelli PZero Rosso on 17 rims is an excellent choice, came as standard
    on my 307 HDi DTurbo. Very high level of grip even in wet conditions. On the
    down side, don't expect much more than 15,000 miles from the fronts.
    Godfrey Wilkes, Apr 22, 2006
  3. Just in case you are thinking of winter in the Alpes, 17 inch wheels
    are a problem for snowchains!
    Peter Hemmings, Apr 26, 2006
  4. mariou

    mariou Guest

    Well guys... I finally opted for the Pirellin PZero Rosso which comes
    original with the car in its 2.0 version and I am fully satisfied. The
    tires have an awesome look and most importantly the car is like a
    train, level of noise is good,wet grip excellent, etc. All in all a
    great purchase... @ USD 316 e/o they had to be but you never know...
    and for that who mentioned snow... thanks for the advice and I think
    that is an important key factor... but we never get snow here in
    Uruguay. Mild and sometimes humid wheather only. hope thuis advice
    helps someone else...
    mariou, May 13, 2006
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