Resurrecting 205 auto

Discussion in 'Peugeot 205' started by Andy0, May 17, 2023.

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    May 17, 2023
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    Hi all, i’ve been trying to get a 89 f reg 205 automatic 1.6 back to life. I checked the coil, fuses, ht leads, plugs, all good. Stuck 10L of super unleaded in, as i assumed e10 wouldn't be a good idea.
    This morning started up fine, ran for 20 minutes as a test. As far as i know its not been run for about 5 years!

    turned it off for an hour, and it wouldn’t start. It was ALMOST starting, but not quite. Battery is fine. Starter sounds good.
    Even though its a carb engine ( u5-1c-b1a i believe) theres an electric fuel pump in the tank. Checked voltage at pump, removed fuel line from carb, cranked engine, fuel came out into a cup i had placed under the fuel line. However the car then ran. With the fuel line disconnected!
    It was starting to die, so i quickly put the fuel line back on the carb and it kept running. Really well.
    The carb is a 36tlc i believe.
    I’m a diy mechanic for my own cars, trying to help out a mate, but this is older than I’m used to.
    What would you do next? Rebuild the carb? To be honest i don’t think i could set it up myself, is there someone i can send the carb to ? Otherwise it seems like a nice little car. I’ll have a bit of spare time over this weekend to have another look at it, any ideas / suggestions welcome please.
    I don’t want to send the car somewhere, its got no mot, so transporting it will be expensive.
    Andy0, May 17, 2023
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