Problem with Peugeot Dealer charging me but didn't fix the problem (change key battery)

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by bibi-phoque, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. bibi-phoque

    bibi-phoque Guest

    Hi all,
    I had probably my worst experience this week, as a customer. I went to
    service my 406 coupe, and also asked to change the battery of the
    key(the one with 2 buttons for the deadlock), as I had to get closer
    and closer to unlock the car and desactivate the alarm.
    So, they serviced my car, but asked me for my spare key, to be able to
    train the main one. I then paid the bill (including the "train spare
    key" item), and told them that I will bring the spare key the next
    But surprise, after giving this key, Peugeot let me know that they
    tried to train the key(after changing the battery) but it's not
    working. Then, they asked me for more money to investigate!! I of
    course refused, and told them that it was not acceptable, I just
    wanted to get my battery changed and my 2 keys working! They tried
    again, and told me that I have to buy 2 new keys, plus a new receiver
    (if I do want to have 2 working key for the car), because they can't
    train the key anymore (their excuse is that it is an old model key
    that the computer is not able to program). I refused to do that.

    To summarize, I went there with 2 working keys, one with a low
    battery. They charged me to break it (I have now only one working now,
    as only one has the remote working), and they just apologised!!!

    It is a big issue for me, because both my girl friend and myself are
    using the car, and only one key can desactivate the alarm.

    What are my options against this peugeot dealer? I paid for a job that
    they didn't do...Worst, they broke something!

    Thanks for any quick reply, I'm planning to go discuss with them

    bibi-phoque, Apr 13, 2005
  2. bibi-phoque

    terb Guest

    Threaten them with the small claims court and if you do not get a positve
    response act on it, they will not want the negative publicity and it
    sounds as though you have a good case.
    terb, Apr 13, 2005
  3. bibi-phoque

    mindwipe Guest

    did both keys work before they got hold of them?
    if so then a battery change shouldnt have altered this and they shouldnt
    have needed to be reprogrammed to the car
    if this is the case then i suggest you talk to the manager ,as opposed to
    the 12,000 quid a year" target" they stick on the reception counter
    mindwipe, Apr 13, 2005
  4. bibi-phoque

    bibi-phoque Guest

    My only problem is to proof that the key was working when I gave it to
    them, and I think I found a way : I always deadlock the car, and it
    was deadlocked when I gave them the car for service. So they wouldn't
    have been able to desactivate the alarm if the key was not working..

    Anyway, I should have an apointment with the manager this afternoon,
    but I think I know what they will offer : 50-50. They will ask me to
    pay for half of the price of the receiver+2 keys. But if I have to fo
    to the court, I'll go.

    Thanks for the reply,
    bibi-phoque, Apr 14, 2005
  5. bibi-phoque

    Johny H Guest

    There should be an alarm isolating switch by the lower right hand side on
    the dash, right of the steering wheel. There is in my V6.
    To reprogrammed keys all that used to happen was to press the key fob button
    and hold down until everything clicked. The car reprogrammed the fob.
    Johny H, Apr 14, 2005
  6. bibi-phoque

    bibi-phoque Guest

    Yes, both keys were perfectly working. One of them was not used (my
    spare key), so the battery on it was pretty good (I was able to open
    the car 50 meters away), and the one I was using everyday was a bit
    low in battery (I had to get closer, 10 meters max), but was working
    fine. My girl friend is now driving my car, so it's why I wanted to
    have 2 good keys.
    I didn't understand why I saw "train spare key" on the bill, I was
    just asking to get a new battery!

    They are still trying to find a solution (other than buying 2 new
    keys+ receiver), but I am convainced that they did a wrong manip when
    changing the battery of the key. They are planing to send a third part
    company to my place, to try program the key. They know that I won't
    give up : I'm not a trouble guy, but I don't like to pay for something
    that they broke, and don't want to fix it back.

    I have my car back in the meantime, and I did try to program it myself
    with this procedure :

    Insert key into ignition.
    Turn key to position 2
    Press and hold the larger of the two buttons for *about* 10 seconds,
    until the little light on the key goes constant then goes off.
    If this does not work, try new batteries in the key

    But no success. the key fash once when you press the button, but
    that's all.

    bibi-phoque, Apr 15, 2005
  7. bibi-phoque

    bibi-phoque Guest

    Which switch are you talking about? I have one in the right hand side,
    that I use to desactivate the alarm inside the car, but leave the
    external one (if you open any doors). Could you let me know what in
    the procedure to re program the key? I tried to hold down for a little
    while, but nothing happened...

    bibi-phoque, Apr 15, 2005
  8. bibi-phoque

    mindwipe Guest

    what year is the car mate
    it makes a difference
    mindwipe, Apr 15, 2005
  9. bibi-phoque

    Johny H Guest

    As I stated I've the V6 406 auto estate (1998model)but : -
    To the right of the steering wheel, on the dash just before it disappears
    into the footwell, I've a bank of three control pods; one is the override
    switch foe the cruise control, another is a red led which flashes when the
    alarm has been activated but is now silent and the third is an over ride
    switch for the alarm. I know 'cos some little b****d broke the rear quarter
    light. So by default of key fob failure I found that the central locking
    worked on the key but occasionally set the alarms off and by just pressing
    this switch cancelled everything noisy.

    The reprogramming tip was passed to me by a Vauxhall owner, but it did work
    on my fob. Basically with the new battery in the fob, stand by the car, I
    stood by the driver's door, pressed the larger button on the fob, the
    smaller is the deadlock, for about 30 seconds. It's like reprogramming the
    TV, suddenly it comes on line. Well mine did.
    As I say that worked for me. I do have a list of other major problems but
    that's my fault for having a French made car.
    Johny H, Apr 15, 2005
  10. bibi-phoque

    bibi-phoque Guest

    what year is the car mate
    406 coupe 2.0L petrol 1999
    I checked the user manual of the car, they explain how to change the
    battery of the key, and there is no mention whatsoever or programing
    back the key....I really wonder what Peugeot did to my key...
    bibi-phoque, Apr 17, 2005
  11. bibi-phoque

    bibi-phoque Guest

    Thanks for the detail explanation, I have to try that. My 406 coupe
    2.0L 1999 has a different settings (I don't have this over ride switch
    that you are talking about), but it might work. I think my problem is
    that the key is broken and not able to transmit any signals anymore.
    The guy is Peugeot showed me this with a device that can receive the
    signals (IR or HF, I don't remember), and the broken key does not
    look to send anything (even if the red light is working).

    I did meet with the Peugeot dealer manager, and they are going to send
    a third part company to my place (apparently they have a different
    computer for this kind of issue), and see what they can do.

    bibi-phoque, Apr 17, 2005
  12. I'm no expert, but it sounds to me like they have broken a connection in the
    keyfob, or failed to locate the microswitches properly (had this on an old
    (l plate) Citroen (rubber over the microswitches when they replaced it for
    me, they put it on reversed, so the rubber was pressing both switches and
    thus ran the battery down in a few mins.. took a while to fix that little

    or it could be the microswitch itself has broken..

    (of course there's loads of other stuff it could also be, but this is an
    issue I've had with a plip key!! and may be of help)


    loopy livernose, Apr 19, 2005
  13. bibi-phoque

    bibi-phoque Guest

    Ok, so to close this thread :

    They tried everything then could, but they never managed to get my 2
    keys working (I still have no idea how they broke one). So, they
    changed the receiver, and the two fobs, all free of charge.

    Voila! Merci Peugeot!

    Thanks for all the reply,
    bibi-phoque, Apr 28, 2005
  14. Glad to hear a satisfactory outcome!! and good on your dealers!! (although
    they took too long!!)

    loopy livernose, Apr 28, 2005
  15. bibi-phoque

    Bill Guest

    I use to work in a garage (when I was younger) the number of people who
    brought their cars back for faults that were unrated to the original repair
    was outrageous - so I can understand garages not trusting customers.
    Bill, Sep 8, 2005
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