PICS - Peugeot H20 Fire Truck/Car Concept

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by JLA, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Hands down, one of the coolest emergency vehicles ever made!!

    The Peugeot H2O concept demonstrates the effectiveness of fuel cel
    technology, in a vehicle for fire fighting, which can be used fo
    reconnaissance in areas within towns and cities which are difficul
    for large vehicles to access

    The H2O is an electric vehicle with batteries, fitted with a
    auxiliary fuel cell. The PSA Peugeot Citroën group first showed thi
    technology in a Taxi PAC demonstrator vehicle in June 2001. Thi
    latest concept has progressed the idea and is equipped with a
    auxiliary power unit which provides a continuous source of electrica
    energy to supply various emergency items of equipment such as th
    pumps, smoke extractors, communication systems, and electri

    The fuel cell system is very environmentally friendly as the onl
    waste product is water, with no other emissions or pollutants

    To allow the H2O to continue to operate in situations where visibilit
    might be severely reduced due to smoke, the vehicle is fitted wit
    proximity sensors in the bumpers and a radar system incorporated i
    the front panel

    The stylish appearance of the Peugeot H2O belies the fact that it is
    fully operational fire-fighting vehicle, equipped with suitabl
    technological equipment. The vehicle was developed in consultatio
    with fire-fighters

    The front of the vehicle looks typically Peugeot with its feline styl
    front end. The rear of the passenger compartment is designed for tw
    people, with a tank and telescopic ladder located across the top, a
    well as output sockets and connections appropriate to this type o
    fire fighting vehicle

    The headlights are similar to those on the RC concept cars, with th
    individual contours of the hood instantly recognisable. Driving lamp
    are positioned either side of the air intake, built in to the lowe
    section of the front bumper. These extra lights provide greate
    illumination in difficult and smoke filled conditions

    The hood is short and steeply angled to merge into the windscreen. Th
    chunky wheel arches exude power and strength and the doors curve roun
    to where the tank is located at the back. The rear storag
    compartments are hidden by metal screens and on the left hand sid
    there are two handles and steps for easy access to the top of th

    The interior features a touch screen, telephone and GPS system. I
    front of the passenger is a second screen linked to a PC whic
    displays maps of large buildings. Between the two front seats are th
    handbrake and controls for operating the ladder. The seats ar
    finished in Neoprene.On the door panels, metal frames are fitted wit
    compartments to demonstrate how different firefighting equipment ca
    be carried

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    JLA, Jun 21, 2007
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    Keith Willcocks, Jun 21, 2007
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