Picked up a cheap temporary 309 - but with some issues. Advice if possible please.

Discussion in 'Peugeot 309' started by David Lane, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. David Lane

    David Lane Guest

    I collected a 309 yesterday afternoon, after I'd worked out it owed me about
    £50. Not
    bad for a 88k mile car.

    G-red 1.3 309 with £90 worth of tax (7 1/2 months), 3 mths MOT and a spare
    cable with upgraded Clarion stereo and some fuel. Part SH - the first two
    owners appear fastidious due to the records for work that's been done. But
    the third ..... ?

    It drives, doesn't bounce or squeak/rattle. There doesn't appear to have
    been any of the typical boot/sunroof leaks and the bodywork's fine - a bit
    of rust in a couple of places and a minor dent but that's all. The front
    strut tops appear to have been done at some time too. Exhaust looks almost
    new and it had a heater blower unit in 2002.

    However, the brakes are juddering and the clutch definately won't last too
    much longer, but hopefully at least a week.

    It also seems to have had a) a major water leak or b) head gasket failure at
    some point in its' life. There was some mayonnaise in the filler cap but I
    don't think the oil's been changed for some time and it's been standing. The
    rocker cover also
    looks like it may be leaking.

    Jobs to do prior to a thousand mile hammering of it next week due to
    work-related trips:

    1. Oil and filter change
    2. Plugs
    3. Flush the cooling system, or at the least drain what I can.
    4. Wonder how I can fit the choke cable 'cos without one it's running fast
    and there's one been supplied
    5. Figure out why the reversing and fog lamps don't work.
    6. Get the RH rear seat back to fit as it won't at the moment.
    7. Figure out whether the fuel guage is wrong or its' really using up fuel
    that fast (due to the choke?)
    8. Figure out why the engine keeps running after it's been switched off (?
    to do with choke cable)

    Any advice on the the best way to do the above issues would be much
    appreciated. I've got a Haynes manual and I'll give it a go!

    David Lane, Jun 16, 2006
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