Peugoet 306 (1994) Alarm

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by bren, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. bren

    bren Guest

    I`ve bought a 1994 306 xsi 2.0 ltr, the story is the car has an alarm which i
    don`t have an remote for.
    there is an claxon and presure sensors in the car plus there is an RF
    reciever above the mirror and a red light on the steering column.
    I don`t know if the alarm came standard with the car?.
    I have two keys for the central locking(no buttons on the keys) is there
    anyway to check if the alarm works?.

    My local dealer wants 30 quid an hour to check!.

    bren, Feb 6, 2006
  2. bren

    Jim Mason Guest

    IIRC the 1994 model came with a factory fitted alarm as standard - the 1995
    model certainly did. It isn't operated by RF though but by IR. It should
    have a black `receiver` above the rear view mirror at the interior light

    The factory fitted alarm will have ultra-sonic sensors either side of the
    windscreen built into the plastic. If it is a 3 door model (weren't they
    all then?) the alarm ECU box is inside of the rear wing just before the
    door pillar and can be seen by removing the rear inside panel on the
    drivers side. A five door model has the box under the drivers seat.
    I think it did.
    You should have a key with two buttons on it. One large button to operate
    locks and deadlocks and a small button to arm the alarm. These key-fobs are
    notorious for failing hence the possible reason why you don't have the
    proper fob. A new one (user progammable) is around £85 from a Puegeot
    dealer 2nd hand fro around £30 on EBay but make sure it is IR and not RF.

    A common fault with the alarm if you do get it working is for the
    indicators to stick on after they flash when arming or disarming the alarm.
    This is caused by a sticing relay in the alarm ECU box. Can be solved by
    drilling a very small hole on the top of the affected relay.

    Jim Mason, Feb 6, 2006
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