Peugeot 806 People Carrier - Won't start after re-connecting Battery

Discussion in 'Peugeot 806' started by, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hi folks,

    I've tried various things from previous posts but still no joy

    The vehicle is a Peugeot 806 People Carrier

    The battery went flat from my children playing in the car.
    I recharged the battery, turned the key in the ignition, typed in the
    usual code on the keypad and all i get now is flashing lights. I have
    to disconnect the battery to stop the lights flashing, taking the key
    out of the ignition doesn't stop the lights flashing.
    It appears to be something to do with the immobiliser

    I've tried various permutations on the keypad that have been suggested
    on the forum but to no avail

    The only difference i can see is my keypad, the 806 keypad has numbers
    "1" to "9", "C" and also "S"

    The code i normally use is what i believe is the default code from the
    factory. Normally i put the key in, turn it, type in the four numbers,
    turn the key again and it starts no probs

    Its driving me up the wall, why can't things be simple, it took me 4
    hours to find this forum

    I really hope someone can help

    Thanks in advance, Mark
, Jun 4, 2008

    Chris Guest

    First thing get rid off the kids hahahaha, i think you will have to
    call your peugeot dealer and ask for help.or keep playing with it and
    it might work, give it too one of the kids they might be able to get it
    to work ?
    Chris, Jun 5, 2008
  3. Its monies though Chris taking it to a peugeot dealer

    The plan was to take it for an MOT and sell it so i could get some
    monies and of course on the day its due to go in this happens.

    I think your right, maybe more playing about with it.
    I'm sure its just a timing and sequence issue.
    And absolutely, the children would probably have more success than me.

    It seems such a simple thing, its normal for someone to take out the
    battery, it shouldn't require me to take it back to the dealership.
    What's the point of sophiscated cars if 5 years later no one remember
    how to switch them on !

    Someone must have the intel i need on this site or out there somewhere
    so i don't have to pay Mr. Peugeot lord knows how much !

    I really hope someone out there can help

    Thanks Chris for you kind and humorous reply

, Jun 6, 2008

    Keith W Guest

    There are several Pug experts who contribute to this group but have been
    quiet lately. Possibly holidays. Hopefully you will get a response fairly
    soon. In the meantime I can remember a number of posts on the subject of
    these keypads, usually on early 406 models, so a search of this group via
    Google Groups might be of use. I would imagine the operation of the
    keypads on 406 and 806 are pretty much the same.
    Keith W, Jun 6, 2008

    R N Robinson Guest

    I had an early 806 which managed to flatten its battery (the windscreen
    mounted compass fell off and hit the hazard warning switch - no-one noticed
    because the car was in a windowless garage) and disconnecting it caused no
    problems - except the radio needed its code entering before it would work,
    so I doubt if that is the cause of your problem.

    However, repeated entry of the wrong numbers on the keypad might well be...

    Ron Robinson
    R N Robinson, Jun 6, 2008

    Bob Minchin Guest

    Highly likely that fiddling kids have locked out the immobiliser.
    I strongly suspect that the answer from Peugeot will be to fit a new
    engine management unit. That is where the pin number resides. This will
    be big money.
    Instead search the web for the firms offering car radio and ECU code
    reading sevices. They should be able to help you. Auto electricians
    probably know of suitable services too.

    Once you have the engine running, unplug the keypad. After that the ECU
    will register the keypad as faulty or missing and not require the PIN
    any more.
    NEVER disconnect the keypad and then try and start the engine otherwise
    you will need the repair people again.

    Bob Minchin, Jun 6, 2008
  7. Hi Folks,

    Thanks for all the replies, its caused alternative ideas and other
    ways of thinking about it

    I've got some additional info through someone else who knows a Peugeot
    service manager

    What he's saying is that disconnecting the battery would not cause
    this problem, it would cause problems with the stereo but not the
    keypad entry system [Ron's post also said this aswell]
    And apparently it is possible to fix oneself, its a matter of finding
    the right website that has the instructions to do it, but cautions
    against this approach.
    The estimate for Peugeot to fix this problem would be 3 hours labour
    £90 in total however if it needs a new unit it would be considerably
    be more

    I still think it may have something to do with the battery being
    disconnected because that was the moment it went wrong but if the
    Peugeot man say's not then its not.
    Maybe perhaps it was the children playing with the keypad beforehand
    but this doesn't make sense because the key wasn't in the ignition

    I would prefer to have ago at fixing it myself if someone out there
    has the intel [Keith, i've tried this forums previous advice but to no
    in the end i'll have to swallow £90 to find out if its a reprogramming
    issue or the unit itself
    It's also a hassel getting it towed to the garage, so come on chaps
    there must be a way !

    Many Thanks in advance, Mark
, Jun 6, 2008

    G.T Guest

    G.T, Jun 7, 2008
  9. Gosh, you chaps are fabulous, this is top-notch advice

    The last 2 reply's have brought me really close to practically fixing
    the problem myself.

    Your post GT makes perfect sense, its appears to fit exactly whats

    I went out to the car, looked for the multi-plug and couldn't find it
    I screwed all the battery connections tighter, had another go at
    starting it, no joy. However i did notice the dash battery light was
    predominantly appearing on all turns of the key in the ignition
    including the first turn.
    In the beginning the battery was completely dead, there were no dash
    lights on at all. So i recharged the battery for 6 hours and re-tried
    which is when i ran into the problems described above
    Maybe i never charged it up enough ... this is where i'am now,
    recharging the battery to its max which may take a day

    In the meantime i think i've located the multiplug ... its light blue
    in colour plugging into the fuse box underneath on the left hand
    side ... the fuse box is next to the battery, so i'm assuming this is
    I can't see how knocking the multiplug with battery removal could
    affect it because it looks so solid and fixed in place. Of course when
    the battery is fully recharged i'll do as it suggests on;action=display;thread...

    I'll keep you posted of how it progresses

    By all means folks jump back in to the discussion if you have anything
    else to add

    Bye for now, Mark

    PS Its a shame i can't post pictures to show everyone what it looks
    like around the battery in a Peugeot 806. Pictures of the keypad and
    the dash lights may have also been useful
, Jun 7, 2008

    Johno Guest

    In message
    Here we go
    initial prog of your code
    switch on ignition,red lamp will be lit
    default factory code is 1111
    but even removing a batt. Lead should not affect your code
    3 wrong attempts and it will not let you do anything for 30 mins (IG
    OFF) while waiting

    to prog. A different code press C then enter your new code

    press C again new code is stored
    if ok green light will flash 4 times

    theres also a service code you can set by entering your code and
    pressing s , then enter your 4 figure service code , it must be set
    different from your usual code, but don't bother with that for now

    what to do if the keypad is locked
    wait a minimum of 30 mins Ig must be off
    switch ig. On
    wait 1 minute
    enter your code the green lamp will light if correct code

    this is from a Citroen Manuel and the way you describe yours it sounds
    just the same
    Good luck mate.
    Johno, Jun 7, 2008
  11. Hi Folks,

    Big thanks to Bob, GT, Johno reply's

    Here's an update of where its got me to

    I replaced the Peugeot battery with a working vehicles battery but it
    made no difference
    So its not the battery (100% sure)

    In ref to what Bob and Johno said ... i'm of the view now the keypad
    is actually working fine
    I put the key in the ignition, turn it not all the way, red light
    appears on keypad, i enter 1111, red light goes off, then a green
    light comes on and stays on, which is absolutely correct

    When i re-connect the battery without the key in the ignition ...
    within a minute it starts flashing the headlights and you hear the
    whirring of somekind of pump. This cycles on and off endlessly even
    after leaving it for 30mins, it appears to make no difference
    whatsoever what i do from the ignition and keypad end.
    The only way to stop it is to disconnect the battery.
    So its not the keypad (99% sure)

    In ref to what GT said ... i can't locate any multiplug under the
    battery, although i can locate a big plug going into the fuse box
    which sits behind and alongside the battery and the connection is
    located as i described in a previous post.
    When i try to remove this plug going into the fuse unit the blue
    plastic i decribed earlier slides off or out and i assume this is
    there to give the connection extra strength. After that is removed i
    still cannot unplug it, it has a metal clip holding it tight and
    keeping it in place.
    Now i could proceed further and take that metal clip off but its quite
    a tight space to work in and if i take the metal clip off i might
    struggle to get it back on again. When you also factor in whether its
    the right multiplug to be removing in the first place and the fact its
    such a fortified connection that its hard to see it having problems
    from being knocked by the batteries removal - i'm reluctant to go any
    further without more confirmation.

    Could it be the starter motor ?
    Would a faulty starter motor cause problems in the electrical circuit
    and be the reason why it doesn't start ?

    Could it still be a fault with the ECU even though the keypad works
    fine ?

    Is it a connection like GT pointed us to ?
    Is it the connection to the fuse box ?

    Is there a simple explanation that fits all the facts like GT's
    solution did ?

    Here are some more specs for the vehicle in case it helps
    Peugeot 806 SR
    Registered - 15/03/1996
    People Carrier

    I can also send photographs - parts of the engine, the dash, keypad,
    etc by email if this also helps find a solution

    Keep going chaps, i've been overwhelmed by how good the reply's have
    been, it's really appreciated from my end

    Bye for now, Mark
, Jun 7, 2008

    Keith W Guest

    This is a really longshot guess, but a lot of electrical problems on this
    group have turned out to be earthing ones. Check out the earthing from the
    battery to the body and to the engine unit (and anywhere esle it goes) and
    check that the wires themselves are in good order. Like I said, it's a
    long long shot, but nothing ventured........
    Keith W, Jun 8, 2008
  13. Thanks for your post Keith
    I checked what i could, all appeared fine

    See next post for what happened in the end

, Jun 15, 2008
  14. Hi folks


    The good news is the car is working and running ... yipeeeee ... but i
    have no real idea why !

    Here's a description of events leading up to the car starting. Please
    feel free to comment as to why you think it is.

    After the last post which was from Keith i basically left the car for
    several days. I left it with the battery connected, i walked away with
    it going through its song and dance routine of flashing lights.
    Eventually it stopped, i don't know how long that took but i'm
    assuming becuase the key was out of the ignition it does do.

    The plan was to wait for my Dad to come round to the house so we could
    try to tow and jump it which is why i had to wait several days.

    Today, Dad arrives, we get the tow ropes sorted, plan how we're going
    to do it.
    Whilst making preparation we noticed from turning the key in the
    ignition a couple of clicks the battery was nearly flat
    I disconnected it and put it on charge for a couple of hours

    Whilst waiting for battery to charge i filled up the radiator with
    water which took a couple of kettles of water to fill it.

    Two hours later re-connected battery - lights flashed maybe a couple
    of times, then remained on with no flashing just beaming

    We moved fairly quickly from this point because we didn't want the
    battery to go flat again before we had chance to jump start it.
    ( as i'm writing this an interesting fact has occurred to me that was
    different to before and that is i left the key in the ignition whilst
    connecting / re-connecting battery )

    At this point i'm sitting in the drivers seat, i turn the key a couple
    of clicks, the keypad has its red light on, i enter the "1111" code,
    red light goes off, green light comes on, which is what i did before
    and what happened before.
    Okay, i'm all set sitting there waiting to be towed, checked the gears
    are in neutral, and as i'm sitting there i think well lets give it try
    you never know ... i turn the key all the way and the blasted thing
    works, engined fired up no problems.

    I'm amazed it worked because i can't see i did anything different to
    what i had done 50 or more times previously in trying to get it

    I'll be interested to see what you guy's think the fault may of been
    and why it now works

    Thanks for all the help folks, much appreciated. From now on i'll
    always make reference to these forums when i have a vehicle fault.
    Its such a good thing to know that there's a place you can go where
    you can find the intel your looking for because intelligence is pooled
    in forums such as these.
    Keep up the good work, Mark
, Jun 15, 2008

    Keith W Guest

    And its even better when people come back and report progress, or otherwise,
    because we can all benefit from it. Thanks and well done.
    Keith W, Jun 15, 2008
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