peugeot 607 depollution fault

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by richardf, Oct 16, 2014.

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    Oct 16, 2014
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    Hi I have a 2005 607 2.2hdi diesel. Two months ago the engine management light came with a warning sign that there is a fault with the depollution system, but the car drove ok with no symptoms. I took it to a peugeot garage and they found that two glow plugs were oily so they replaced all of them as well as a faulty EGR electro valve and broken auto swirl flap rod.
    I drove it away and the next day the light came back on with the same warning sign. I took it back to the garage and this time they found a fault with the glowplug relay (it was intermittently sticking), so replaced it.
    I drove it away and the next day the same thing happened, the light came back on with the same depollution system fault warning. I took it back to the garage and this time they found the EGR valve was faulty (not holding the pressure), so replaced it (this was not the same valve as the previously replaced one).
    I drove it away, and guess what, yep, the next day the warning light came back on.
    I drove it back to the garage (by the way at all times the car started perfectly and drove perfectly). This time they said they need to keep the car for longer and try other things and do extensive road tests (without charge).
    They said the last fault code suggested something wrong with the "air flow", they replaced "something which affects the air flow" but after they road tested it the light came back on.
    They've since checked for air leaks, cleaned out the turbo and wiped the blades and maybe some other things to do with "air flow" but on each occasion they road tested it afterwards but after doing varying distance road tests, the light comes back on with the same warning.
    Incidentally, they have confirmed that the DPF is OK and does regenerate.
    They then contacted peugeot technical department who basically said "ignore the fault code reading it could be anything".
    They are now without charge going through, they say, everything to try and eliminate the fault.
    This has already cost me approx £1000.00 and although they are not charging me for all this investigative work I still have no solution.

    Can anyone please help!!!!!!!
    richardf, Oct 16, 2014
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