Peugeot 407 rca to aux

Discussion in 'Peugeot 407' started by cristi0323, Jan 25, 2024.

  1. cristi0323


    Jan 25, 2024
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    Hi there, i recently received my dads old 2004 407. I’ve been trying to play music in it but couldn’t really find an option other than cd (which id rather not use) until i saw that there are rca slots in the glovebox. After finding this out i bought a rca to bluetooth modulator and connected it to the car. The problem is i cant select the rca as ab audio source, i can only play its audio through the video mode, which turns my navigation screen black, and im bit really fond of it. Does anyone know if theres a way to make the rca act like an aux and select it through the audio sources?
    cristi0323, Jan 25, 2024
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