Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by /\\BratMan/\\, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Peugeot 406 1998 1.8 LX headlight and indicator stalk arm switch.

    any idea of price new or used and ease / difficulty of removing / fitting.
    /\\BratMan/\\, Aug 30, 2007
  2. /\\BratMan/\\

    Chris Hodges Guest

    Assuming it's the same as my GLX V reg it's a doddle. It goes a bit
    like this:
    * undo torx head screws on underside of (plastic) steering column covers
    (you might need to release the steering wheel adjust lever)

    * undo (2 IIRC) torx head screws holding switch block in place

    * remove switch block, disconnect cables along the way (only disconnect
    cables going to the switch block, airbag cables are nearby and not worth
    playing with.

    * refitting is a reversal of removal as they say.

    Takes less than 10 minutes.

    If it's the indicators sticking on even though the lever is recentred
    you can refurbish the switch - it took me 2 goes to get it reliable but
    it works. Essentially you open the switch carefully (the springs won't
    try too hard to escape) clean out metal scraps and possible reshape the
    contactor with a needle file - it's very soft (like solder) and the
    contact strips are proper metal, so the contactor wears away.

    Chris Hodges, Aug 30, 2007
  3. It certainly did, thanks for that.
    /\\BratMan/\\, Aug 30, 2007
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