Discussion in 'Peugeot 405' started by XxSWORDFISHxX, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. test lamp shows pump getting power was wondering if theres an immbiliser
    that cuts power to pump once starter is activated?? if its a fuse problem
    which one ?? getting fuel to pump no problem but its not coming out pump
    powerful enough to get to injectors
    XxSWORDFISHxX, Mar 14, 2007

    Brian Guest

    So you have checked that power is getting to the contact on the cut-off
    solenoid. Have you checked that the solenoid is actually working? They do
    fail, either electrically, or stick mechanically.
    There is no immobiliser which will cut the power after you crank the
    If I remember correctly, the central locking on my '93 405 would also
    immobilise the starter. Unless you have some aftermarket system fitted.
    If you have fuel getting into the pump, but not out, how have you checked
    It sounds as if either the cut-off is stuck closed, or you have air in the
    To get the air out, you need to crack open the high pressure connectors on
    the top of two injectors. Then crank the engine with the accellerator pedal
    fully depressed.
    Keep cranking until you get fuel spurting from the connectors. You will
    probably see bubbles first.
    As soon as you get fuel, close those two and open the other two, and repeat.
    Then the engine should start normally, unless you have a leak allowing air
    to continually enter the fuel system.
    Brian, Mar 15, 2007
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