Peugeot 308 N14 engine Super knock, Hesitation, Weird running., misfire, rough idle and stalls

Discussion in 'Peugeot 308' started by RazaRuthless, Mar 31, 2021.

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    Mar 31, 2021
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    Dear, All

    I have a Peugeot 308 1.6 turbo 2009, my vin number is VF34C5FTf9s144373

    I have been having hesitation on light pedal acceleration under 2k rpm and going downhill I get a feels like a misfire. Onload and with aircon on it is worse, but once warm it feels less but I can feel a bit of a misfire/hesitation while driving still.

    This all happened in August last year when I had a leaking thermostat housing. I replaced the thermostat housing. At the same time I fixed a timing problem I had by realigning the cam and timing chain, I had a cam/crank sensor align error after that I had no more error. I replaced my catalytic converter with a downpipe also installed a new bigger intercooler and changed my fuse box / BSI.

    After that started the car after repairing and replacing all these parts I started getting hesitation and jerkiness when taking off at cold.
    And to this day I haven't worked out what it has been yet.

    Since August I have replaced O2 sensor, throttle body, vanos, timing tensioner, high-pressure fuel pump, vacuum pump, fixed all oil leaks, new battery, fuel vapor solenoid, MAP sensor, and air pressure sensor, new air filter, new fuel filter.

    Then in December, I had a piston blow on me, so I repaired all pistons with new forged pistons, new valves, new valve seals, polished and ported intake and exhaust manifold, no more carbon build-up.

    Also replaced timing bolts but not chain, replaced crank bearings and rod bearings, new exhaust gasket. Got it all working again in January but still hesitation and jerking.
    Most recently I have replaced PVC and crankcase cover, put in new iridium spark plugs, new OEM coil packs, replaced knock sensor, pulled wiring harness and checked the whole thing too to the bottom, replaced front crank seal, 02 sensor, also replaced all vacuum lines.

    Now it's still doing hesitation and jerkiness but less but still there.

    I have also done fuel cleaners, done leak tests, pressure test, and compression test, carbon cleaned, smoke test
    Also it stalls now and then while reversing and while doing you turn without being on the accelerator.

    I'm out of ideas nearly only a hand full of things I think it could be.

    Pump in fuel tank but I don't think it is as hpfp doesn't drop and I don't get hesitation or jerkiness up hill or high speed but I have had a misfire going on to highway on hill full throttle so maybe it comes up as a super knock error.

    Timing chain as the timing chain I did about 3 years ago was not an OEM on and I wonder if I might be that but can't tell how to test for that.

    another thing might be pedal but I don't think so and wastegate way on turbo, now to gateway itself is fine and seals but I wonder if it's the actuator or the turbo solenoid valve.

    If anyway has ever had this or has any idea what it could be or how to test would be deeply appreciated because I have run out of ideas
    RazaRuthless, Mar 31, 2021
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