Peugeot 306 engine management light

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by clarkie, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. clarkie

    clarkie Guest

    Some weeks ago I put my 306 into the local dealer for a free diagnostic
    check and update on the ECU. The results chowed a coil pack fault
    however, I had only just replaced it, so the dealer reset the computer
    and away I went happy and no managejment light!1 A couple of days ago
    the light came on again and has stayed on? I bought a Gunsons fault
    finder to try and see if I could get the fault code from the ECU but I
    couldnt get the thing to work? Either I was NOT in the correct
    diagnostic connector or the thing was faulty? Has anyone used the
    Gunsons fault finder on a Peugeot and if so where does it get connected
    too? Also, the dealer told me the Catalytic Converter was WORN, does
    this show up on the diagnostic check or can it be seen physically that
    it is worn?
    clarkie, Aug 31, 2006
  2. clarkie

    daddyfreddy Guest

    I had the same experience with a Gunson's code reader. Check this page
    to read the codes out:
    daddyfreddy, Aug 31, 2006
  3. clarkie

    Mindwipe Guest

    Mindwipe, Aug 31, 2006
  4. clarkie

    daddyfreddy Guest

    Yes, do that, but it's best to have some knowledge of the problem
    beforehand because Peugeot dealers, esp IME, have a tendency to talk
    complete cobblers, have little regard for fixing problems and when they
    do attempt to, fail miserably.
    daddyfreddy, Sep 1, 2006
  5. .....and charge through the nose.
    Keith Willcocks, Sep 1, 2006
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