Peugeot 306 1.4 1998 breather hose broken?

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by David Hearn, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. David Hearn

    David Hearn Guest

    On Saturday I found that the breather hose on the our Peugeot 306 1998/S
    1.4l petrol engine had broken. It previously had been covered with
    insulation tape and was quite oily - however, when I changed the air
    filter I discovered it wasn't actually connected at all!

    A picture of the hose (with break) is here:

    Unfortunately I can't see a way of repairing it easily, so I wondered
    whether replacing it would be the best option. For now I've reattached
    the two pieces using 50mm masking tape! (It's all I had!)

    Any idea what the symptoms would be with a broken breather hose? I've
    noticed the car is quite lumpy sometimes (runs fine, but can be a little
    even during idling etc). I noticed that the whole exhaust pipe moves
    significantly during idling, which probably is causing our regular
    failure of exhaust pipes (front box one year, rear the next). Just had
    the rear replaced when the middle rubber support snapped, and whole
    system dropped, punching pipe into otherwise perfect rear box).

    So - is this a Peugeot only part? The hose has quick release connectors
    on both ends, so I'm wondering whether it's a Pug only part. I have a
    GSF Car Parts factor close to me (Farnham) or Peugeot Aldershot if
    necessary. Any idea of the cost? Any suggestions as to a suitable
    air-tight repair? It's quite oily, and not a flat surface (corrugated).

    One final question - what is the actual name of the part I should be
    asking for, and what does it actually do?


    David Hearn, Mar 20, 2006
  2. David Hearn

    Tim-mz500r Guest

    Hi if you were to slice (1)very carefully the old pipe you may find a rubber
    hose will fit in its place otherwise get a replacement pipe from peugeot or
    citroen tis the same thing and they do sometime run lumpy with it
    disconnected hth.
    (1) usal disclaimer applies !
    Tim-mz500r, Mar 20, 2006
  3. David Hearn

    Lin Chung Guest

    A leaking PCV, which is between the AFS (or the MAP) and the combustion
    chambers, allows more air into the engine. The ECM receiving air mass
    information solely from the AFS (or the MAP) is fooled. Consequently at all
    times other than at part-throttle steady cruising engine speed (i.e. 90% of
    all driving experience, and where the OS *corrects* the inappropriate
    injector pulse duration by negative feedback in concert with the ECM) the
    car is running at a *leaner* air-fuel mixture than it should. At natural
    idle speed the response from the ECM, being geared to an air input from the
    ISCV, is again incorrect (too low) for the PCV inputs an additional quantity
    of air after the ISCV. This explains why "the car is quite lumpy sometimes
    (runs fine, but can be a little [rough? Have you missed a word here?] even
    during idling etc)"....

    Self-Amalgamating Tape should provide a more air and water tight seal. This
    may be all you need.
    Lin Chung, Mar 20, 2006
  4. David Hearn

    Malc Guest

    Duct tape at least temporarily. Then either a new pipe from Peugeot or go to
    a scrappies where an intact one will cost buttons.
    Malc, Mar 20, 2006
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