peugeot 205 handbrake seized

Discussion in 'Peugeot 205' started by Tattyboo, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Tattyboo

    Tattyboo Guest

    hiya, i'm new to this, i found this site when searching for help! i
    have been trying to sell my peugeot 205 for about a month due to buying
    me self a punto. anyway, the car is now sold and during that time
    started no probs. its even been moved. however the car has been left in
    one position for about two weeks. tried moving it the other day and as
    i tried reversing the car i noticed it felt like car wouldnt move.
    after much pushing shoving and moving forward eventually, the car has
    been moved. however i think, and others have said and since told me NOT
    to leave handbrake on! im 23 and didnt know that. oh well! anyway, its
    thought that the handbrake has seized. unfortunately a friend of ours
    is supposed to be sorting the problem out for me however a family
    member is very ill and so its not been done. it is now 1am wednesday
    morning and the car is supposedly being picked up on saturday at the
    earliest or sunday. now im beginning to panic and cant sleep hence why
    back on the puter at this time of night!! the car is currently in gear
    with handbrake off. the right rear wheel will not budge due to the
    handbrake. grrrrrrrr please HELLLLLLLP!!!!!!!


    a very stressed and shattered female!
    Tattyboo, Feb 22, 2006
  2. Tattyboo

    Malc Guest

    What I had to do with a cavalier once is start the car and try to drive
    it. Sometimes that frees off the brake. The other solution was to lie
    under the car and twang the brake cable where it splits to go to each
    brake. Failing that an attemp to remove the brake drum usually works
    Malc, Feb 22, 2006
  3. Tattyboo

    Tom Guest

    if you have steel wheels then remove hub caps and have someone in car
    trying to drive it 'gently' then as they do this hit the hub with a
    hammer although not too hard! This usually 'shocks' things free.
    Tom, Feb 22, 2006
  4. Tattyboo

    Chris Guest

    Do you live near J11 M25??or near a place near WEYBRIDGE/ i could help you in this matter.
    from Chris Addletone Surrey
    Chris, Feb 22, 2006
  5. Tattyboo

    Tattyboo Guest

    hiya, many thanx guys for your help. and thanx for the offer Chris, but
    im miles away lol. anyway as far as the car is concerned, i ended up
    resorting to visiting my local garage (after a very unsettling nights
    sleep) this morning. anyway i saw someone there i knew. the garage was
    gonna charge me 36quid just for call out charge. anyyyyyyyyway the guy
    i knew who had taken his car in said he wud have a look at mine for me
    this afty. if still probs his bro is a mechanic and wud sort it, dont
    panic itll be sorted by sat. well u can imagine my relief! anyway this
    afty i came home to find he has sorted the car thank god!!! with a lot
    of hammering lol. i have since taken the car for a run on the motorway
    and refuelled her for sat, came home and left it in gear WITHOUT the
    handbrake on. car seems fine now. i guess there is angels for real
    dressed as friends waiting in garages haha! well i tell ya sumthing,
    i've learnt a few things since having the being dont
    leave handbrake on!! now all i have to do is hoover the car out ready
    for saturday and hoover my new one out. thanx soooo much for all ur
    help *hugs* and ill let u know how the weekend goes! *thumbs up* urs, a
    little calmer lisa
    Tattyboo, Feb 22, 2006
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