Peugeot 205 gti 1.6 (90') idle and stalling problem

Discussion in 'Peugeot 205' started by Zed, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Zed

    Zed Guest

    Hi everyone!

    I recently bought an 205 gti and it has a big problem.

    The car is a rocket btw , great power , engine starts with no
    problems, but the car is having a problem
    with idling and stalling.

    When i start the car it goes great before it drops the rpm from 1500 to
    1100 (worm up time). The idle speed on my car hunts from 1100 to 500 or
    600 rpm and stalls when i stop the car or not pushing the throttle. It
    gets worse when i put on lights or any electrical thing. Funny thing is
    that the battery is full
    , no light intensity changing when hunts rpm. I did this : changed oil
    and filter (10-40 oil), air filter , fuel
    injection totally cleaned , opened the air sensor and cleaned out the
    graphite track with alcohol (there
    was two lines from needle that left on the track) cleaned cylinder
    where the oil is filling , metal net ball
    (or something) in the cap. No results.
    I saw one screw that is worn out (from a lot of adjustments i think.)
    on throttle body(not adjustable). I even adjusted the idle speed with
    air bypass screw on air flow sensor and some gold colored big screw on
    throttle body . Also adjusted the bosch switch parallel to throttle to
    click when throttle changes (tested with ohm meter ok.)

    Any help will be great. Thanks.
    Zed, Dec 20, 2006
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