Peugeot 107, 1007, 207, 308, 407 etc - Opinions

Discussion in 'Peugeot 107' started by Streltsky, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Streltsky

    Streltsky Guest

    What do people think about the styling on the new pugs?
    I think they’re bland, the 207 for example looking very similar to
    everything else on the market.
    I know the 205 looked a fair bit like some of it’s competitiors but at
    least they seemed to be making an effort. The 407 isn’t bad but it
    looks a bit too much like a Jag to me.

    Streltsky, Jul 20, 2005
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  2. Streltsky

    androo Guest

    I like the 1007. You could hardly call that bland. Likewise the 107, which
    is very cute and radical, though of course not uniquely Peugeot. The 207
    looks okay from what I've seen so far, though it's a bit 'safe', like the
    new Clio.

    I've tried to like the 407, but don't like the overhangs, and the rear end
    is very uninspired. Looks nothing like a Jag though!

    androo, Jul 21, 2005
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  3. Streltsky

    G.T Guest

    Pretty good idea IMO to try and make the design evoluate while keeping the
    old heritage of oldest pugs, like the sharp lights.
    Pretty true, as were 504s and 505s, but I hope it will have the little
    "plus" thing which makes the difference.
    Come on, the real Pug owner doesn't give a f#ck about the design, and most
    of them are pretty discrete - if you wanna something which has a lot of
    look, take an Alfa or a VW, and take the pile of crap which comes with it as
    Nope, IMHO Pugs were designed by technicians for drivers, and I guess they
    were the exact definition of what you brits call "driver's car", a nice
    compromise between performance, economy, comfort and handling. A car you can
    drive for hours before being tired. A car which allows you to drive drive
    drive with a good comfort and having the feeling you're driving like on a
    rail, when the orange light makes you think "oh, already time to refuel ?"
    The 205 had a design close to any other car at this moment I think (c'mon
    I'm only 24), but with this "little plus" I tried to explain above.
    It had a great success here perhaps because it was a french car... But also
    I think because it offered the best package whatever talking about handling,
    braking, performance, economy and reliability. Compare to a Renault 5
    ("Super 5"), Vauxhall Nova, or Fiat Uno, and you might think I'm right.

    OK, that was my opinion about that. In conclusion, I'd add that, as a heavy
    Pug fan, I'm pretty sad I cannot take part to the development of the future
    products from the Sochaux's firm.


    205 Diesel & turbo-Diesel :
    G.T, Jul 21, 2005
  4. Streltsky

    G.T Guest

    And what I mean is today perhaps they just let talk the designers too much
    and not the techies enough... Although they have some good ideas (like the
    1007's doors).


    205 Diesel & turbo-Diesel :
    G.T, Jul 22, 2005
  5. Streltsky

    Streltsky Guest

    I’ve tried to like the 407, but don’t like the overhangs,

    It’s that big grin and bulky build that make me think of Jags.
    The fact is that I don’t exactly think "That’s a bit differant" when
    I see the new Pugs, but I suppose it’s better to be slightly tame than
    be like the Renaults
    Streltsky, Jul 23, 2005
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