O2 sensor error, ECU, fusebox, harness

Discussion in 'Peugeot 308' started by Geraldbirkett, May 9, 2020.

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    May 9, 2020
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    Hi Everyone

    I have a Peugeot 308 1.6L Turbo Fuel 2009

    I hope someone can really help me with this problem as it's been plaguing my car for months now

    So far it has killed 2 coil packets in the same rail and also killed my media deck harness twice

    First, it all started with an exhaust leak that melted cable, to the CO2 sensor first one and my coil packets.

    So I redid all the cables and soldered them back together, so there is no short circuit.

    Now I have been for about 5-6 months now a dash error of this is the first problem error follows P0132 Fault upstream oxygen sensor signal, So i replaced the O2 sensor not go, didn't do a thing error stayed

    Now I have more errors and I think they are all connected, because they all started the same time.

    Another symptom to the problem is that the moment my low fuel warning comes on, my car throws it self in to limp mode for no reason as all and throws a ABS error, makes no sense at all, but the moment you put fuel in it it goes back to normal all happy, now this one is just odd and don't understand at all.

    first I through all theses problems where cable-related, but I can't seem to find a problem with cable, but now I am thinking it might be an ECU or a fuse box problem.

    Here is all the error codes I have when I go test it

    P0016 Fault in synchronisation between the camshaft and the crankshaft - Now I know this one was because of the coil pack dying and It has a new timing chain in it just last year that was the first a timing problem I had and that has been working find so I know its not the timing chain, or sensors has they have both been replaced to cam and crank.

    P0132, fault upstream oxygen sensor signal - now this was the first error to turn up and never left

    F5FF & f303 is a little worrying as that means something isn't syncing up

    f40A seems a bit off too

    This one I have no idea U1308 communication error between the automatic gearbox and the engine management

    the other errors are light errors as I have put LED in so not to worry there

    if anyone can help or suggest what I should do I would be hugely appreciated as I really want to get this fixed but don't want to change every part to find out what it is.

    Any help honestly at this point would be absolutely Paramount and helpful

    Thank you Peugeot community I really hope someone can help me

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    Geraldbirkett, May 9, 2020
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