No Temperature Gauge reading

Discussion in 'Peugeot 207' started by Zed1300, Nov 20, 2022.

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    Nov 20, 2022
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    New to me 207cc 2008 gt... 65k having owned a 206cc for 8 yrs.
    In two weeks ownership I notice no temp reading on gauge... so in removing my temp sensor the DUAL pin connector that plugs onto it disintegrated ... where do I source a new one of those?
    I noticed coolant level low and saw a wet patch under coolant expansion tank... thinking this may have been a dodgy cap or maybe a split coolant tank I went to remove o/s wheel and inner wheel trims for access to tank clip and noticed the lockable wheel nut socket is mullered...
    Where do I source one of those?
    I did manage to get wheel off and unclipped coolant tank from it's position and with now having better access and view I realise the leak is due to the clip on bottom hose of tank is broken and inoperable...
    Where do I source one of those?
    Pictures attached ... if any one can shed any light on the acquisition of said items I would be very grateful...
    Not the best Sunday morning I've had apart from finding that the new knocking noise coming from the rear was only a flimsy loose rear inner wheel trims both sides... pretty crap components.
    That said the 207cc seems a far superior build quality to the 206cc... and I suspect the issues I'm having are because the car has had little maintenance and never ever been ragged like it has in the last month lol...
    Thanks in advance for any info that will be gratefully received. 20221120_154923.jpg 20221120_154854.jpg

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    Zed1300, Nov 20, 2022
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