'New' 306 GLX Poor response

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by rotorhead, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. rotorhead

    rotorhead Guest


    For quite a while now I've noticed that my 1997 306 GLX doesn't pickup as
    well, (from 2000+rpm mark) as it did when purchased 4 yrs ago, (must admit
    though that fuel con' is very good).
    Took turbo delivery pipe off, good pressure when revved, (it forced my hand
    from end of pipe).
    I had a timing belt fitted last summer @ 70,000+ Mls, I suppose thats
    roughly about the time I recollect it went well, had the timing checked, all
    the pegs go in correctly.
    I was wondering if there's a pressure switch not working on the the pump, if
    so (or not), does anyone know which it might be, as there's plenty on it.

    rotorhead, Apr 13, 2004
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