Multi-function display (specifically the 307, but probably applies to other models)

Discussion in 'Peugeot 307' started by Hugo Nebula, May 15, 2004.

  1. Hugo Nebula

    Hugo Nebula Guest

    Is there any way to reverse the polarity of the liquid crystal
    MFDisplay (for the radio, trip computer, etc) on a 307?

    I find polarised sunglasses are best for driving, but when I wear
    them, I can't read the display. As all sunglasses are polarised in
    the same direction (vertically or horizontally, can't remember which),
    the only option is to change the display. Is this possible or
    Hugo Nebula, May 15, 2004
  2. Hugo Nebula

    axl Guest

    yes your dealer can change around the settingen
    axl, May 15, 2004
  3. Hugo Nebula

    Chris Hodges Guest

    The polarisers in the LCD are part of the operation, so it would mean
    stripping down the LCD, taking out the polarisers, roating 90 degrees
    and reassembling. In practice this would mean new polarisers as I doubt
    it's square.

    It's the same with my (goodmans) radio.

    Now if you could get hold of a sheet of (cheap) 1/2 wave plate and stick
    it on the front this would rotate the polarisation (when itself rotated
    correctly). 1/4 wave plate would convert to circular polaristion (again
    if oriented correctly). I read (somewhere on the internet) that
    clingfilm may act as a 1/4 wave plate, but I don't know if this is true.
    Chris Hodges, May 16, 2004
  4. Hugo Nebula

    axl Guest

    :) and the peugeot dealer can do it with just pushing a key at the diag2000
    axl, May 16, 2004
  5. Hugo Nebula

    Hugo Nebula Guest

    That's what I thought.
    Just tried it, and it's not.

    Ah well, I'll just have to keep turning my head to see my MPG.
    Hugo Nebula, May 16, 2004
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