Main dealer costs for suspension work (not mods)?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Tim, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Does anyone know how much a Peugeot dealer would charge to replace the rear
    axle bushes/mountings on a 306?

    Also to replace bushes on front suspension?

    I'm assuming the front suspension work is fairly straightforward ie a job
    that any garage could do but would rear suspension work come under the
    category of 'specialist'/Peugeot dealer only? (from the Haynes manual it
    looks fairly straightforward - but still out of my league!!)

    Got a light rumble/rattle from nearside front wheel area when going slowly
    over bumps and a knocking from nearside rear wheel area during same. This
    results in a BAD knocking when breaking. Our resident expert Mindwipe
    suggested to someone the other week who had the same problem that these were
    rear axle bushes so I'm thinking this is what it is (same for the front


    Tim, Oct 16, 2003
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