Looking for a Switched fuse - but I'm confused!

Discussion in 'Peugeot 308' started by punygoat55, Sep 18, 2023.

  1. punygoat55


    Sep 18, 2023
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    Hi All
    I'm trying to hard wire a NetBase Dash Cam 101 using a hard wire kit. To avoid possible battery drain. Most of this process has been done but I'm confused about the fuses in the glove box area. I was hoping to use a 15w or 30w non crucial switched supply and was looking for the cigar ligher which on my car is F9 30w green coloured. When I plug in the piggy back plug, the camera switched on even when the ignition is off. When I plug the camera in to the actual cigar lighter it does not activate until ignition is on (the latter being what I want to happen but with hard wiring). I've also noticed a fuse that controls front windows but they work without ignition before economy mode activates so not really suitable I suppose. On the piggy back, the original fuse is the one that is not in line with the new dash cam wiring.
    Does any one have any suggestions please? Does it matter which way I insert the piggy back male? I did not think it did! The car is a March 2013 eHdi 1.6 308 sw diesel (old shape).
    punygoat55, Sep 18, 2023
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