is it bulbs or a fuse?

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by munkie84, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. munkie84


    Oct 3, 2014
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    The majority of the lights on my dash board have stopped working!

    It was all fine then everything but my headlight symbol, low petrol light and check enbgine light has stopped working. I get more if I just put the key in and don't turn the engine on eg handbrake, battery but The ones behind my temp gauge, petrol gauge, speedo and rev counter are all stopped, is pitch black at night.

    it doesn't beep at me anymore if I open the door with the headlights on but occasionally if I don't go into a low enough gear so it judders then they will come back on!

    I'm not convinced its just bulbs or fuse as I didnt think either would come back to life once they had stopped but am hoping its something simple!

    Any ideas?
    munkie84, Oct 3, 2014
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