Installation of new audio system 406 coupe

Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by Tony Ramsden, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Tony Ramsden

    Tony Ramsden Guest

    Recently bought a 406 coupe V6 ( '99 model 194 bhp ). I want to change
    the audio system to the Alpine mp3 head unit and mp3 changer which I
    had bought for my previous car.

    The local audio fitter said that it was a none standard fit and they
    would have to rewire, taking 4 hours and around £ 150 for their
    trouble. I was looking in the cars hand book and the diagrams of the
    block connectors seam OK to my untrained eye, One block has 8
    connectors for the speakers, the other block has phone mute, plus
    aerial supply (+) , earth, etc, ..

    Surely if I did it my self it would be just a matter of linking
    peugeot end to the ISO connector of the Alpine... Would this work or
    is their some sort of reason why its a little more complicated than

    The Peugeot radio is a type 4050
    The Alpine is model 7893R

    Many many thanks, any help or ideas will be gratefully received.

    Tony Ramsden, Sep 13, 2003
  2. Tony Ramsden

    Dan405 Guest

    Recently bought a 406 coupe V6 ( '99 model 194 bhp ). I want to change

    It should just plug in, its probly very similar to a 206 i did the other
    day, all plugged straight in, except instead of connecting red to red and
    yellow to yellow, i had to connect red to yellow and yellow to red to get it
    to keep the memory alive. It was a Sony unit, obviously sony use 1 colour
    for permanent feed and pug use another. It should be perfectly easy to do
    it yourself, just plug it straight in, ignore the audio people. At worst
    you may have to go to halfords and buy a connector for £15, still a lot
    cheaper tho :)
    Dan405, Sep 13, 2003
  3. Tony Ramsden

    Mike Guest

    Why don't you have a go and try fitting it yourself, No point paying someone
    £150 for just unplugging your old system and then plugging your new one in.
    I bought a new CD player for my car and was told it would cost £70 to have
    it fitted by an "audio technician" due to the fact it was not a standard fit
    ..I did it myself for nothing just by unplugging the original stereo unit and
    plugging in my new one.
    Mike, Sep 13, 2003
  4. Tony Ramsden

    Cheater2k Guest

    U just buyt the converter leads, no need to cut any wires, around £40 i
    think. U just plug in, takes 10 secs.


    Kind Regards

    (ICQ#: 21743180)
    Cheater2k, Sep 13, 2003
  5. Tony Ramsden

    Tony Ramsden Guest

    Thanks guys

    I've always used the same audio fitting place before and it usually
    costs me 1 hours labour, but this time the guy said that this radio
    had its componants in the right wing or somewhere and thats where the
    extra work was, but all that seems to be different is the non standard
    block connector(s).

    4 Hours labour .. what a rip off , I don't care if it takes me 40
    hours, I'll do it myself, I suppose the tricky bit will be the CD/MP3
    changer, I'm going to put it in the same place as the factory fitted
    one.. In the rear wing void, Fiddely but worth it, and out of the

    ... Tony
    Tony Ramsden, Sep 13, 2003
  6. Tony,

    As a Professional car audio Installer myself, I advise that you go back to
    the shop and bitch slap the guy that told you it would cost that much, in
    fact tell me where it is and I will do it for you..... !
    Deviant Devanti, Sep 20, 2003
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