Indicators and Rear Wiper - related perhaps?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by SH, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. SH

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    I have a 1995 306 XN over here in Iceland. It's been somewhat quirky,
    but overall pretty reliable.

    It snowed the day before yesterday and instead of doing the right
    thing and push it off with my hand, I decided to give the rear wiper a
    work out which resulted in it getting stuck in the middle of rear
    windshield, it hasn't moved since.

    I noticed at the same time, though i'm not sure if they are related,
    that my indicator stalk is not longer working. I use the hazards and
    they work with no problem, lights go on and they blink as I would
    expect them to, but when i try to indicate left or right, nothing

    I'm somewhat daunted by automobile electricals (especially peugeot
    ones) so I would just take it to a show, I can't imagine either being
    that complicated, but this takes me to another issue. I can't even
    hand-signal what direction i'm going because the driver's side window
    doesn't role down. Several months ago I was rolling the window up a
    bit to vigorously and it made a "pop" after it reached the fully up
    position, since then the window roller just spins freely without
    effected the glass.

    I can't imagine taking the door panel off being a whole lot of fun in
    this car, but if anyone has a clear idea for any of these things what
    got disconnected (or broken) and what i should do I'll give it a shot.

    Thanks everyone.
    SH, Apr 2, 2004
  2. If you can still hear a noise from the rear wiper motor then its okay but
    the spindle is slipping, inside the wiperarm, you might need to replace the
    wiper arm; if on the other hand, the motor is making no noise, then you
    could have a bad connection, a blown fuse, or the motor may have blown.
    The indicators work on an independant curcuit from the hazzard lights, thats
    why the hazard lights work but not the indicators.
    Try your fuses, there may be one for each side i.e. right and left side), or
    the relay might be kaput.
    The window winder sounds as if its popped out of its channel, you'll need to
    remove all the furniture from the door (the handles, door opener, buttons
    etc and possibly the door pocket), to get the winder handle off, get a piece
    of cloth and slide it down behind the handle, and pull it end to end, back
    and forwards, and up; this will catch a small spring clip and release it
    allowing the handle to slide off its spline. NOTE THE WAY THE WINDER HANDLE
    POINTS SO YOU CAN PUT IT BACK ON THE SAME WAY!!! (you can look at the other
    door for this), the door panel will be held at certain points around it by
    poppers, little plastic clips, carefully prise them out, and remove the door
    Check also that the winder handle, hasnt been stripped on its spline; the
    spline is metal but the handle is plastic and will be easily stripped, if
    this is the case, then you may get away with a new winder handle!! And that
    will save you opening up the whole door!
    i hope this is a help to you!!!
    regards, mark

    If theres a sheet of plastic film you can either take the whole sheet off,
    of cut a hole and then tape it back up when youre finished in there. If you
    look inside the door you'll see that the winder is attached to the mechanism
    and the mechanism, is attached to the galss by one or two rollers, that
    slide along a channel. Often if you have a good pair of pliers, you can just
    squeeze the rollers back into the channel, with a pop, and thats it.
    other wise, you will need to remove the window rubber trim on the top edge
    of the door, so you can manoevre the glass and relocate the rollers into the
    Then put it all back together again
    M. H. Greaves, Apr 2, 2004
  3. SH

    SH Guest


    Thank you very much for your advice, its much appreciated.

    Unfortunately though, I haven't gotten around to the window just yet.

    However, i've found the fusebox is in a terrible state of confusion.
    It seems like someone removed every single fuse and then put them back
    randomly. I have a 13 fuse system and it seems that the indicators
    and the rear wiper are on the same circuit. A 5A fuse (now blown) had
    been used where a 15A one should have (there is also a 75A fuse in
    there for lord knows what reason, so i'm guessing the rear wiper tried
    to draw too much of a load when it struggled to push the snow off the
    rear wind screen.

    Anyway, I'm going to go buy some new fuses, at least for that circuit
    (no spares seem to remain). Though I'm curious, should I
    switch/replace all the intact fuses that aren't rated correctly for
    their respective circuit?

    Thanks again,

    SH, Apr 6, 2004
  4. you'll need to check your hand book to replace the fuses correctly.
    M. H. Greaves, Apr 6, 2004
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