HELP please cant unlock 106 front doors!

Discussion in 'Peugeot 106' started by buzzbat, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. buzzbat

    buzzbat Guest

    I’ve got an old 106 that we cant unlock the front doord on, its been
    standing for 3 months so they may have seized but it feels like
    something is preventing the key from turning to unlock door.
    immobiloiser is fitted but car starts (after clambering thriugh boot
    and over seats) boot hatch unlocks/opens as do rear doors, although no
    key is needed there. have tried interior pull up knob and have sprayed
    everywhere with relesasing spray but still no joy. there is no central
    locking as far as i know.
    just wondering if anyone knew what problem is before i make a fool of
    myself at local garage!
    buzzbat, Jan 26, 2007
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  2. buzzbat

    Gary G Jones Guest

    First off make sure that you have turned the key in the door to the open
    position, then climb inside, hold the door handle inside as if you were
    about to exit the car, now for the fun bit, while doing this bang your
    shoulder into the door a few times and if you are lucky it will open. I have
    a Citroen synergie and the doors on that seem to stick themselves closed
    sometimes within a few days of not using it.
    I like you have oiled and wd40'ed silicone greased it but it still seems to
    be able to stick shut within days. Gentle pressure from the inside might
    just do it .
    I had a 505 estate many years ago and the sunroof on that was a slide back
    type and that would stick itself stuck on the rubbers and would need you to
    climb in the back put your feet on the back of the seats and pull like mad
    to open it.
    Gary G Jones, Jan 26, 2007
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  3. buzzbat

    Chris Hodges Guest

    If the mechanism's like the one in the 205 there's a spring that fails
    so one of the linkages sticks halfway. If you can get the door panel
    off it needs to be pulled downwards. I fixed ours using an extension
    spring and a length of steel wire to one of the holes in the bottom of
    the door used to attache the panel.

    If it feels like it's unlocking though (especially from the inside) try
    a good hard push from the inside while pulling the handle - the grip on
    the door seals when they get stuck (especially iced up) has to be seen
    to be believed.
    Chris Hodges, Jan 26, 2007
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