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Discussion in 'Peugeot 206' started by drob, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. drob

    drob Guest


    I have a 206 XS 1998 and I want to replace the standard 20W Goodmans front
    door speakers with some better ones which I have bought. As the existing
    ones are component speakers with a separated tweeter near the wing-mirror
    mount, there are four wires instead of two running to the main speaker at
    the bottom of the door. These are green, yellow, pink and sandy coloured.

    I am replacing with a coaxial speaker and therefore cutting off the use of
    the existing tweeter. All I need to know is which two of the four wires are
    the ones to use for the -ve and +ve terminals of my new speakers. From what
    I can see - the tweeter also has four wires running to it - two of these are
    a yellow and sandy coloured wire (matching the two at the bottom of the
    door) .

    If anyone has knowledge of this please let me know asap.

    drob, Sep 3, 2003
  2. Hi Drob,

    You on't need to disconnect the tweeters, they whould be fine running with
    the coaxil units, don't forget that tweeters are directional speakers,
    therefore if you disconnect the upper factory tweeters you will change the
    whole musical characteristics of the car as the higher frequencies will be
    pointing at your legs....

    Not Good, run the coax's with the tweets trust me I have been a car audio
    installer for over 7 years.... :eek:)

    As for the colors of the wires check your haynes manual for that one

    Deviant Devanti

    We are here for one reason, to reproduce;
    everything else we do is just to pass time until our next sexual encounter.
    Deviant Devanti, Sep 3, 2003
  3. drob

    Chris Dudley Guest

    It depends which model you have - do you have the unit with the
    multifunction display (with temp. gauge), or the standard tape unit with
    integrated display. (Or, if replaced, which was there before.)

    As the previous poster suggested, I wouldn't disconnect the tweeters.

    Let me know which you have, I have the wiring diagram here.
    Chris Dudley, Sep 4, 2003
  4. Hi Again,

    In short, NO they won't conflict because they are for high frequencies and
    high frequencies do not require that much power, unlike their low frequency

    The tweeter (directional remember) provides the high to hi-mid sound bands
    and by such the higher vocal and musical definition.. Don't worry about the
    Rated power of the speakers, if running from Head unit power you want hi
    sensitivity/efficiency speakers as they take less power to sound good.

    The lower the sensativity/efficiency the more power needed to drive the
    units, most modern speakers fall between 75 and 84 db @ 1w/1m. for head unit
    power you want speaker sensitivity to be between 88 and 96 db. These will
    rock ! ! ! !

    If I could see the car I could do it in 2 mins, but at a guess I would say
    yellow is negative, the manual should tell you this?

    Can you scan the page and post it?
    I take it that the wires are part of a yellow plug ?
    Don't worry about it, they are not the best of diagrams for DIY ;o)
    I hope it is of some help !

    Deviant Devanti

    We are here for one reason, to reproduce;
    everything else we do is just to pass time until our next sexual encounter.
    Deviant Devanti, Sep 4, 2003
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