Gearbox blowing out oil.

Discussion in 'Peugeot 205' started by DeeW, Nov 24, 2019.

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    Nov 24, 2019
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    Some auto-gearbox help needed please; my local people seem stumped - or something!

    My wife's 2006 model Peugeot 206 XTC only has 82K on the clock, looks like new and, as can be imagined, is normally only used occasionally around town. Gearbox operates beautifully and never uses oil between services. However, take it on the motorway and even at just 90kph it will empty the gearbox within 30 minutes of driving. Summer or winter.

    It has been to the automatics specialist 3 times. They said the oil is blowing out of the breather and performed flushing, new oil, radiator service and so on. Same problem persisted. On the last visit the advice was that, after consulting Peugeot, the problem was considered to be a collapsed heat-exchanger inside the gearbox, which was $750 plus labour. A week and $1400 later, we got the car back and took it on the motorway. Again sticking to 90kph we just went to the first exit and back. On returning, we found the car wouldn't even pull away from the first set of lights. No oil in the gearbox again.

    Back to the autotransmission specialists. New advice; it's not worth the cost of pulling the box apart to find out what's wrong. Their advice; could be an aluminium housing with a crack that only leaks when it gets hot with motorway driving. Better just stick to using it around town. Sorry about the money you've wasted!

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    DeeW, Nov 24, 2019
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