Fitting a Panasonic stereo in a 2002 Peugeot 206

Discussion in 'Peugeot 206' started by stevie1308808305, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Just bought a 2002 Peugeot 206 GLX and would like to put my Panasonic
    CQ-RDP383N MP3 stereo in.

    1. I've heard that multiplexing can now make life difficult. How do I
    know if my car uses this? If it does, will it affect fitting my

    2. Will my Carion cd changer that is already fitted work with my
    Panasonic stereo? I've heard they're incompatible?

    3. Do I have to buy a cable adapter? I've figured out which cables do
    what (sort of) so would be happy to just cut the wires and do it
    manaully. Is this wise?!

    4. Any easy way of getting the remote stalk to work with it, or do I
    have to shell out more for an adapter?

    stevie1308808305, Jun 22, 2006
  2. stevie1308808305

    Nom Guest

    Not really, but you will need to pop your 206 into your local Peugeot dealer,
    for them to tell the BSI that it should no longer look for the factory stereo.
    It shouldn't cost any more than the minimum charge of an hour's labour.
    It does.
    They are.
    Yeps, if you want to connect your steering wheel stalks.
    The headunit will just plug right in.
    You will also need a facia adapter to actually fit the headunit into your dash.

    Buy both the Stalk and Facia adaptors from
    NO !

    Fitting head units in this way is a bodge of epic proportions. The adapters
    exist for a reason - use them.
    There's nothing worse than a car with a butchered stereo loom, caused by some
    tightarse who chose not to buy the required adaptor !
    Yes, just plug in the adaptor above ! It's that easy.
    Well they aren't gonna give you one for free are they :)
    Nom, Jun 22, 2006
  3. Great advice mate thanks.

    Just out of interest what happens if I fit the stereo but don't get the
    BSI done?
    stevie1308808305, Jun 23, 2006
  4. stevie1308808305

    Nom Guest

    I can't remember :)

    I suspect your MultiFunctionDisplay will continually beep and tell you that your
    Stereo is broken (in the same way it reports other electrical faults), so you
    won't be able to see your clock/tripcomputer etc. etc.
    Nom, Jun 27, 2006
  5. stevie1308808305

    Elder Guest

    You still got the Pug406 Coupe :)
    I always loved them cars.
    Elder, Jul 2, 2006
  6. stevie1308808305

    Nom Guest

    Yep, still Pugging along :)

    No plans to change unless it starts going wrong - I really love it !

    How's the groove at your end of the world ?
    Nom, Jul 3, 2006
  7. stevie1308808305

    Elder Guest

    Made redundant, got new Job, sold the Saab and bought a simple bog stock
    Need to sort out a decent sound system for it.
    The cheap Goodmans MP3 HU I've fitted is OK, but I really miss the old
    Car PC.
    Need to rebuild it, I guess.
    Elder, Jul 3, 2006
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