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Discussion in 'Peugeot 308' started by Dario, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Dario


    Oct 10, 2020
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    I’ve been driving a Peugeot 308 1.2 96kW e-THP Active Auto with compliance date 01/12/2017. It’s been a great car and I’ve clocked around 44,000km. However, I’m hearing far too many reports of colleagues etc advising that this car is prone to engine trouble and that I should get rid of it ASAP. This was confirmed by my mechanic who advised I was probably one of the lucky ones as my car seems to be running OK. I always use 95 octane fuel. The mechanic advised this could be why I’ve been lucky. However, I’m still concerned as only last week yet another colleague landed her 308 at the mechanic with engine trouble.

    Anyone know what's going on with the 308 engine?

    Is there any precaution I could take i.e. using 98 octane fuel? Or should I consider trading it in?

    Thanks, Dario.
    Dario, Oct 10, 2020
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