Clutch/Dual Mass (or other problem) HDI 110

Discussion in 'Peugeot 307' started by phemmings, Feb 18, 2022.

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    Feb 18, 2022
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    Hi I have got a 57 reg HDI Sport and cannot diagnose a problem and would appreciate any advice.

    I have a light rattle that is intermittent, it sound like a thrust bearing but might be tyhe clutch/dual mass beginning to give up. It has done 94k miles but 25% were motorways. My main worry is that if I get the dual mass and clutch replaced it will still need another costly repair! The car is reliable and drives well since replacing the suspension legs a couple of years ago but I want to isolate the fault before deciding to spend a lot of money.

    I have done a few checks and asked 2 local garaged to look at it, both could not confirm the fault but one said it was definitely not the clutch but the turbo overpressure solenoid! I first noticed it before Christmas and its gradually getting worse but is intermittent. As a loast resort I took it to my local dealer who could not hear anything, but at least they did not charge for their time.


    1. The noise can start at any speed, it does not change withe car in or out of gear or with clutch depressed.
    2. At the local garage with handbrake full on, the clutch will pull car along the road.
    3. There is no vibration or spring noises when revving engine with car stopped and out of gear.
    4. I had changed to winter tyres but put summer tyres back on without any change.
    5. I did think it was the drive belt pulley but as the noise does seems road speed related.
    6. The clutch is beginning to make a noise especially when reversing up over a footpath.

    Any observations suggestions (other than wait for it to get worse as recommended by Peugeot) would be appreciated.

    Peter H
    phemmings, Feb 18, 2022
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