Citroen Relay / Peugeot Boxer (2002/2003) Remote Locking unit

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by AstraVanMan, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. AstraVanMan

    AstraVanMan Guest

    First off - I'm in the UK, in case the vehicles are differently specced

    I've recently bought a 52-plate (October 2002) Citroen Relay 2.2HDi LWB High
    Roof van to replace my slightly newer 53-plate Peugeot Boxer 2.2HDi MWB Low
    Roof van, and if possible, would like to transfer some features over from
    the Boxer to the Relay.

    First off - the Boxer has a CD player, which I would like to swap with the
    Radio/Cassette in the Relay - they're both standard fit items, and neither
    have any form of steering wheel controls - am I right in thinking this
    should be a fairly straightforward swap?

    Secondly (and rather more complex), the Relay has central locking
    (operational from the cab doors only), but not remote central locking. The
    Boxer has remote central locking, and also an alarm that is wired in to the
    central locking, with a separate key fob. Would it be possible to move the
    remote receiver/control unit from the Boxer to the Relay fairly simply?

    A few thoughts/questions:

    Am I right in thinking that the alarm in the Boxer would be directly
    connected to the central locking system directly, and not via the remote
    unit, therefore enabling me to remove the factory remote locking unit from
    the Boxer, and still have remote locking via the alarm key fob?

    Both vans have a switchblade style key, with an immobiliser chip built in.
    Obviously if I was to transfer the remote locking from the Boxer to the
    Relay I'd have to use the original key unit from the Boxer, as that's got
    the lock/unlock buttons on it - but obviously the immobiliser chip would be
    wrong - is the immobiliser code on a separate chip to the one that controls
    the remote locking device, therefore making it a simple case of swapping the
    chips over, or would it involve having to get all chips reprogrammed?

    Lastly, is this realistic to do the job myself, and just take the keys to a
    dealer/specialist with the right equipment to get the keys reprogrammed, or
    will it save much more hassle in the long run just getting an auto
    electrician in to do the whole lot, and if so, roughly how much would it
    AstraVanMan, Jan 8, 2006
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