Brake pedal travel

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by MICHAEL ROCHE, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Gents
    406 1.9TD with ABS
    I have just replaced the rear cylinders with their fixed brake hoses, front
    pads,disks, front flexible hoses and master cylinder.

    Before starting I disconnected the battery to protect the ABS. I have bled
    the brakes front and back and cannot get any more air out 1.5 litres fluid
    used. The pedal is now back to the top of its travel with the engine off.
    When the engine is switched on for a few minutes the pedal dips (I would
    expect this as the servo starts to operate). Can any one give me any idea
    how much pedal travel there should be when the pedal is pressed before it
    becomes solid when the engine is running.
    MICHAEL ROCHE, Jan 16, 2005

    Mindwipe Guest

    If you keep your foot on the pedal it will gradually go all the way down
    this is because the abs unit will keep recycling the fluid
    if it feelsok on the road and stops ok then its probably ok
    Mindwipe, Jan 16, 2005

    Fitzy Guest

    Not sure what the official measurement or travel is,but I would consider 20%
    of the total pedal movement as the max,
    on the other hand, you could have a perfect braking effort on all wheels,
    but 50% travel in the pedal movement,
    I think this is what MOT testers would call excessive pedal travel

    Fitzy, Jan 17, 2005
  4. Midwipe

    The pedal travel with engine off and vacuum for servo exhausted is .5 inch
    taking up mechanical slack There is then another .5 inch of pedal travel
    until the pedal is solid. This is what I would expect.
    With the engine running the pedal dips about 1 inch when your foot is on the
    pedal and the engine started. If you keep pushing the pedal it goes down to
    within 1 inch of the floor before being totally solid again. I don't think
    this is due to the ABS as you cannot hear or feel it operating. If I brake
    with one road wheel on the grass verge at 40 MPH you can feel and hear the
    ABS working.

    I guess this is OK as I took the car for an MOT yesterday and it passed
    without problems. I usually test the brake pedal before switching the engine
    on but I don't think I have tested it with the engine running previously. I
    am very light on brakes as my rear shoes have done 70K and are still at
    3.5mm and I have just changes front pads and disks at 70K and the pads were
    not even half warn.

    Thanks for all your help I was expecting the pedal to be firm a lot further
    up its travel with the engine running.

    MICHAEL ROCHE, Jan 21, 2005
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