Bought a 99 HDI 90 but Air con faulty.

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Michael Love, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Michael Love

    Michael Love Guest

    Bought a 99 HDI 90 but Air con faulty.

    Haynes manual not much use as it doesn't tell me where the compressor
    or evaporator are actually located, only gives a CAD drawing of it, no
    photo's that I can see.

    So problem is:
    Air con light lights up on dash but no air con. There is no 'click' of
    a relay to be heard either under the bonnet.

    I do notice that there are what looks like stainless steel pipes to
    the right of the radiator going into the right side of the radiator(or
    into thr right side in front of the radiator).
    It looks like a little clip is hanging 6 inches away from a joint
    where two pieces of this steel pipe connect together.

    Could this be a possible leak?

    Did anyone find out where a condensor could be purchased if it is that
    that is leaking?

    Someone tell me where in the engine the compressor is so I can voltage
    test it?

    Michael Love, Oct 5, 2003
  2. Michael Love

    Cabin Guest

    If it's the 406 HDI 90, the condensor is behind the radiator, or at the
    front of the car.
    Mine had a leak and I purchased one from a place on the net called vehicool
    at about £123 inc VAT and Del. The garage told me it would be £330. so I did
    it myself and got it gassed for £50.

    The compressor is connected to the fan belt i think on the bottom lefhand
    side of the engine, looks a bit like an alternator. When you press the
    aircon. button the click is from the clutch on the compressor kicking in.
    but it will only do so if you have enough gas in.

    What I did was to uncouple the wires from the compressor and put 12v on
    them, this then activated the clutch, so I new that was working.

    Hope this helps abit

    Cabin, Oct 6, 2003
  3. Michael Love

    Allan Guest


    Please be aware, that an outside temperature below approximately freezing
    will also cause the air con not to activate because the evaporator
    temperature is just above freezing.

    I actually sent my '99 406 to Service because of this. It was not a fault
    but normal operation.


    Allan, Oct 7, 2003
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