Any known problems with 807

Discussion in 'Peugeot 807' started by dougthered, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. dougthered

    dougthered Guest

    Does anyone know of any good reason why I shouldn't let my wife buy a 2003
    peugeot 807 with 15,000 miles on the clock. Are there any issues with this
    model, I'm new to peugeots and she's dead set on it, opinions and comments
    would be welcome

    dougthered, Feb 19, 2005
  2. Are you getting a warranty with it and have you a good Peugeot agent near

    It should have most of the little things sorted by now - power doors
    malfunctioning, rear wiper not wiping, things like that. If it is still on
    15" wheels, have a good look at both front and rear tyre wear. If they are
    wearing more on outside than inside, but proportionally across the tread
    IYSWIM, eg tread depth of 2mm on outside, 4mm in middle and 6mm on inside
    insist on the whole lot being replaced with 16" wheels and Michelin MXM
    tyres. The works have been known to do it under warranty for the original
    owner, I'm not sure whether they would be prepared to do it for the buyer of
    a second hand one, but my guess is no. It is certainly worth doing and the
    Michelins give a much better ride that the Pirellis I had on mine

    Oh and be prepared for the fact that just about everything under the bonnet
    is inaccessible. Oil, water and screenwash are OK, but topping up the brake
    fluid is impossible without removing the pollen filters (one man job to
    remove, two men to replace or so I am told).

    Good luck

    Ron Robinson

    P.S. For Heaven's sake insist on an instruction book!
    R.N. Robinson, Feb 19, 2005
  3. dougthered

    in2minds Guest

    Oh and be prepared for the fact that just about everything under the
    and bulbs... they're practically impossible to get at and I'm about to
    change the 3rd H/L bulb in 4 months... I'm not looking forward to it /c;

    rear washwipe, if it stops spraying but there's water in the tank take
    off the rear O/S panel behind the rear seats, there's a pushfit joint in
    there and it comes apart with ease

    As Ron says the electric doors (especially the O/S) can be dodgy but
    I've found just keeping the contacts on the door and B pillar clean is
    enough to fix that

    You'll be hard pushed to find child seats to fit the back row, the seat
    belt anchor points are too far forward, we could only find 1 model that
    would fit securely and rear facing baby seats won't fit in the middle
    row's middle seat.

    finally, check all the seats recline/fold properly and the seat belts
    return cos they seem to have weak springs. If it's the 8 seater check
    the seat belt points in the bench seat, if they've been pushed in
    they're a b*tch to get out

    oh, and look for the highest spec 2.2HDi you can afford, the 2.0HDi is
    pitifully underpowered IMO

    we tested a number of models and ended up with a 1y/o '52 2.2HDi SX with
    VIP pack and triple sunroof option which we're very happy with...
    preferred the 806 though if only because it was better build quality and
    took everything we threw at it, carried everything from motocross bikes
    to concrete blocks and was still going strong when we traded it in after
    an uneventful 160k miles

    hope that helps
    in2minds, Feb 20, 2005
  4. It is the N/S with ours, but that is the side the dog gets in and out and
    he's woolly and usually wet. The latest modified contacts that the dealer
    fitted seem to work OK, but if they get dirty and arc through the protective
    layer you have trouble.
    Agreed as far as the 2.2 engine goes anyway. I am told the 2 litre keeps
    its value better from new because its the one the taxi people go for second
    hand. They're welcome to it though.
    Yes, as a bit of a bird-watcher (not the sort you use the N/S mirror for) I
    find the transparent roof very handy :)
    The 806 would have been nice with the 2.2 HDi, though the brakes might have
    been a tad marginal. I reckon the ride was better than an 807 on Pirellis.

    Ron Robinson
    R.N. Robinson, Feb 20, 2005
  5. dougthered

    Nik&Andy Guest

    I know this is a Peugeot group an everything, but isn't the Citroen C8
    better value for money???

    Nik&Andy, Feb 20, 2005
  6. dougthered

    in2minds Guest

    I know this is a Peugeot group an everything, but isn't the Citroen C8
    initially yes, last year the Citroen promotion (or whatever they called
    it) gave £3k off a new C8
    but Citroen's don't hold they're value as well as the Pug, even though
    they're made by the same people, it's a badge thing
    We went for the Citroen purely because of price, by the time we
    sell/trade in it will have done 150 to 200k miles and be pretty much
    valueless anyway

    in2minds, Feb 21, 2005
  7. dougthered

    doug Guest

    Thanks to everyone who replied, wife bought the car got an excellent deal
    with a two year warranty, thanks again for your help

    doug, Feb 21, 2005
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