Anti-pollution Fault Peugeot 807 reg no 53 plate

Discussion in 'Peugeot 807' started by Graham Brooker, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. I have a 53 reg plate Peugeot 807 that has started displaying
    "Anti-pollution Fault" from time to time over the past year. I do not want
    to go to a main dealer but prefer to use my regular trusted independent firm

    The first time it happened a sensor (not sure exactly which one) associated
    with exhaust emissions was changed and this worked for a few months.

    The second time it happened, together with a turbo charger low pressure
    diagnostic fault code, the "serum" in the emissions particulate filter
    system was topped up as it was low and a vacuum diaphragm associated with
    the turbo charger was found to leak and was changed (the mechanic used an
    internet forum to find the leak. A computer controlled regeneration cycle
    was performed. This worked for about 1 month but the fault is now back on
    the dashboard display with the engine management light on and the running in
    "limp mode" with reduced power.

    I am not expert with the fault codes or the exact bits that were changed but
    remember being told about it.

    The diagnostic faults read from the engine management on board computer are:
    P1435 Additive system and P0235 Turbo pressure sensor.

    I phoned another independent Peugeot specialist but he could not take this
    on and recommended I use the main dealer as it is a known fault on this car.
    He guessed I may need a new particulate filter. I prefer to let my
    independent man have another go and he will consult with someone at a main
    dealer for me as he has always been good to me over the years. He may
    attempt to clean the particulate filter.

    Has anyone got any ideas as the car seems fairly unreliable.


    Graham Brooker, Jul 6, 2010
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