806 gearbox oil level?

Discussion in 'Peugeot 806' started by Keith Forsythe, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. I posted this question recently but the answer was not correct for my
    vehicle.. It was suggested the gearbox oil on an 806 turbo diesel (year
    1997 ) is checked by identifying the larger bolt head on a ring of bolts
    on the gearbox extension cover accessible from the left hand wheel arch,
    where the bolt is the oil level plug. But my gearbox has a ring of bolts
    all the same size and believe the original suggestion must be for an earlier
    model.. I know my old 205 used that method .So, if anyone can advise me the
    correct method I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance. KF.
    Keith Forsythe, Jan 7, 2004
  2. Keith Forsythe

    Nigel Guest

    In that case, I think the level/filler plug is on the final drive,
    just over halfway up, pointing to the rear of the vehicle. You will
    need a 21mm spanner to undo it. Not very easy to get to, unless you
    jack up the front, but that will of course give a false reading! Best
    checked on a ramp.
    Nigel, Jan 7, 2004
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