406 multi function lights/tappets

Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by Ferndaletaffy, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Many thanks nigel "Michael Roche" and "Malc" for help back in
    February....not forgetting Peugeot UK HO for on line help (no, they have
    not moved to east Budapest..yet!!). The multi-function display unit
    required 2 bulbs (not leds), which makes the model a mark I, or as Peugeot
    describe it a "pre-facelift 1997 built 2.1 Turbo diesel 406"; for the
    edification of anyone with an early 1998 purchased 406 Estate, the VIN
    number reveals all, should parts be required.
    After fitting the bulbs, the unit revealed the outside temperature of 12
    degrees C. straightaway. ..and that was it!. No 'Range', 'Current Fuel'
    consumption, 'Average consumption' 'Average Speed', Distance
    travelled'...(or the outcome of the Iraqi War); see pages 46-47 of owner's
    handbook. Dutifully pressed windscreen stalk for 3 seconds minimum on
    steering column...no joy. (the battery had been disconnected
    recently.)What is knackered?..the basic unit?, the..fuses? screen wiper
    stalk? or me?. Now to become highly technical..when I pressed my fingers,
    gently, on the multi-function screen, it was possible to see life beyond
    Mars..there, faintly illuminated in the background were the results I
    would have liked to have achieved...rather like the story of my life. Can
    anyone help further please before I am compelled to raise the extra
    mortgage required to visit the average Peugeot main dealer.OK it's no big
    deal on a 130.000 model which still sings along without problems, but it
    would be good to have everything working.
    Ferndaletaffy, Mar 30, 2007
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