406 heater blower problem

Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by LesG, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. LesG

    LesG Guest

    Hi, I have a 406 exec turbo. About 14 months ago I had blower problems
    and it cost almost £200 to fix. I now have heater blower problems
    My wife bless her stalled the car the other day and now the heater
    blower is blowing on high constantly. We can increase the output to
    max but it wont go down any further than just off max. I have had the
    motor out and all conections appear good. I’m thinking that it could
    be the heater blower control module. Could I be right? I am changing
    my car soon and need to fix it asap.
    All replies gratefully received.
    LesG, Jan 9, 2007
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  2. LesG

    Nigel Guest

    You are almost certainly correct. They are part of the blower motor on
    the Mark One version but can be changed seperately. Part number is
    644178 for Valeo or 644186 for Behr (make of the blower motor and the
    heater assembly). For the Mark Two then it depends whether it has
    aircon or not. 644178 for non aircon and if it has aircon it is not
    available seperately. You need the motor.
    If you post your VIN number, the last eight will do, I can confirm the
    correct number for you.
    Nigel, Jan 10, 2007
  3. LesG

    LesG Guest

    Thanks for posting on this one Nigel. The control module comes off on
    my motor and I am curently trying to source a cheap replacement.
    Missed out on a few unfortunately but will keep hunting.
    Thanks again
    Les :
    LesG, Jan 11, 2007
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