406 HDi engine running fault

Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by Z Bremer, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Z Bremer

    Z Bremer Guest


    At first, my english is not perfect, Im sorry. But I try: I have 3
    years old 406 HDi (66Kw with chip), mileage is 196000km and it has a
    serious fault. When I drive slowly with 1st or 2nd gear, car/engine
    not drives smoothly. It "jumps" like somebody kicks to back about
    every 1 sec., and when I try to accelerate speed, engine sleeps few
    seconds and then it starts to work correctly. With cold engine
    problems are more seriously than with hot engine. accelerate-effect
    with cold engine is like old diesel-mercedes with caravan. In highway
    HOT engine works well. But when I slow down speed and engine is
    running idlespeed, something accelerates engine smoothly +500rpm every
    1 sec. Has anybody have same problem in HDi-engine? What could be
    damaged part? When problems starts, car`s fueltank was pretty empty,
    and I just thought that could it be damaged fuelfilter, if fuelpump
    pushed water to the filter? Filter is just renewed. I thought that
    some possible faultpoints could be (...could it?):

    - Fuelfilter
    - Air mass meter (Is it so sensitive in HDI than in TDI?)
    - Turbo pressure sensor
    - Gaspedal potentiometer (beside air mass meter)
    - Fuel pump (in the tank)

    Z Bremer
    Z Bremer, Dec 29, 2003
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  2. Z Bremer

    ML Guest

    So,have you removed the chip and tried the car without it. Sometimes the
    chips put more fuel into the engine at low speeds(my brother's car, VW
    Passat, chipped, jumps about a bit at low speed as well, the kangaroo effect
    depends on how far he has turned the HP control knob on the chip unit.)
    ML, Dec 30, 2003
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  3. Z Bremer

    Z Bremer Guest

    In matter of fact, I have three different "power"-chip (whom I`m
    testing just now) and fault-effect is same with every chip. I havent
    tested car with its own original chip, because I havent codeadapter
    for that (yet). Anyway, I have driven thousands of kilometres with
    every three chips without any kind of problems => So I think that
    fault is not chip (bacause chip is only digital controlmap for engine

    But now after few days fault is not so bad/pronounced than one week
    ago. Engine works about correctly, especially in highway above
    1700rpm. But idle-speed is not stabile enough. Before fault, idle was
    exactly 920rpm, but now it bumps between 900-1000rpm. I have booked
    time to dealer for fault-code reading, but Im afraid that anything
    wont found. Im just thinking what kind of sesnsors relates to
    idle-speed? If some sensor is just unclean?

    Z Bremer, Dec 31, 2003
  4. Z Bremer

    G.T Guest

    It could well be an inductive sensor, placed above the flywheel. Output
    voltage should be interresting to view using a scope.
    G.T, Jan 3, 2004
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