406 hdi 2000 V plate idle judder and engine management on.

Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by civicvti99, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. civicvti99

    civicvti99 Guest

    hi all.

    i hope someone can help me out here, this would be my 4th 406 hdi, i
    love them to bits, but the one i bought 2 days ago is making me think

    here we go!

    Peugeot 406 2.0 hdi
    2000 V reg
    110 bhp
    90,000 miles

    when i purchased the car it had 3 problems which 2 were rectified
    pretty quickly.

    1. knocking noise from rear when going over speed bumps. - sorted by
    replacing both rear drop links

    2. abs kicking in at low speed stop - faulty rear abs sensor replaced

    3. judder/misfire on idle.

    drove the car for about 8 miles, and then the engine management light
    comes on!!

    tried the obvious switching it off and back on, still on

    took it to the local garage who hooked it up to their computer and he
    said there could be two problems.

    1. throttle body sensor - he is gonna try and clean it

    2. glow plugs - check for current/replace if need to

    just wanted your advice see anyone has had this problem before and
    what was the solution.

    none of the cars i have had before, had these kind of problems even
    though they have done double the mileage.

    thanks in advance for your answers.
    civicvti99, Mar 11, 2010
  2. civicvti99

    G.T Guest

    Why not.
    IMO, it is very unlikely to happen : on these engines, glow plugs are only
    used for cold start at cold temperatures. Last winter, when I used to start
    up the engine with a little -10°C, the light used to come on for 10 seconds.
    Anyway, the temperature in the chambers rises quite fast once started, and
    you shouldn't have any trouble after some seconds or minutes.

    Misfiring on idle could also be caused by a faulty temp sensor, which would
    inform the ECU that the engine is (falsely) warm and then the ECU would stay
    on a std warm idle, which is 50-100 RPM lower than the cold idle. I saw a
    similar problem once on an Iveco Daily 2.8D (old engine, classic fuel
    injection), it was rattling and vibrating as hell when cold.

    Coolant sensor worthes a check, too, IMO.

    G.T, Mar 11, 2010
  3. civicvti99

    civicvti99 Guest

    hi G.T,

    thanks for the input,

    glow plugs work fine as i have not had a starting issue, starts first
    time no smoke whatsoever.

    mate of mine had a problem with his throttle body sensor which caused
    the engine management light on, he got it cleaned and adjusted?? (can
    they be adjusted?), but then again his problem was loss of power.

    its going in today see what they can do.

    thanks once again, i will keep this updated!
    civicvti99, Mar 13, 2010
  4. civicvti99

    civicvti99 Guest

    got car back yesterday,

    mechanic said he has checked glow plugs one of them definately needs
    replacing, gonna get all four replaced.

    throttle body sensor is also playing up requires new one!!

    find one at local dismantlers 25.00 quid, but gonna find out how much
    a new one is aaaaahhhhhh

    going back in on monday.

    are all throttle body sensors the same on all 2.0 hdi 110bhp? or are
    there different ones? if so what code and where do i find it?
    civicvti99, Mar 14, 2010
  5. civicvti99

    civicvti99 Guest

    hi G.T.

    going back to the temp semsor, the car temp on dial always starts off
    about 60 even though the lowest is 50 even from cold!!

    temp sensor faulty?
    civicvti99, Mar 14, 2010
  6. civicvti99

    civicvti99 Guest

    talking to myself here!!

    but info for anyone in future with similar problems.

    got car back yesterday, fitted a throttle body sensor reset engine
    management light, everything ok!!

    did not change plugs but will need doing near winter time.

    guy at scrapyard said that if it comes back to change air flow meter
    as these can go too causing similar problems.

    keep an eye on it now!!!
    civicvti99, Mar 16, 2010
  7. civicvti99

    Tinkerer Guest

    Thanks for coming back with it. Others may well find the information
    Tinkerer, Mar 16, 2010
  8. civicvti99

    Ken Guest

    My 407 hdi was shuddering on idle - turned out to be water in the
    diesel. They drained and cleaned the tank, replaced the filter, and it
    now works fine (I am in correspondence with the people who last filled
    my tank!).
    Ken, Mar 28, 2010
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