406 fuel tank reserve - how much is there?

Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by Triple-S, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Triple-S

    Triple-S Guest

    this is a question I have been meaning to ask for a while now... but I was
    wondering if anyone knew the answer.

    I have a 99 406 HDi which I tend to leave until the fuel level warning light
    is on before filling up. I was wondering how much fuel is left in the car
    once the light has appeared? There must be a reserve of a few litres... but
    does anyone know how much? The book says the tank is 70 litres. This is
    the amount I need to fill the car with if I fill up as soon as the light
    comes on - but sometimes I have filled it with 74 litres.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance.
    Triple-S, Oct 25, 2004
  2. Triple-S

    Terrytubby Guest

    Don't go to that petrol station again with the 74 litres :)

    My 206 light comes on and I have around 50 miles left (if I remember right)
    according to the computer (at around 30mpg), but this does depend on how
    heavy my right foot is, plus the display does go off when it gets down to
    around 20 miles left. If you were to say a gallon (Not US) then you should
    be OK
    Terrytubby, Oct 25, 2004
  3. In my petrol 406 (also with the 70 gallon tank) i believe the handbook
    states the reserve (i.e. when the light comes on) is 7 litres.

    webceetee_bandit, Oct 25, 2004
  4. Triple-S

    Jdalt Guest

    From experience I would say that you can just about scrape 50 miles after
    the light comes on depending how you drive but you also run the risk of
    dragging all muck up from the bottom of the tank so it is probably
    advisable not to let it get that empty.
    Jdalt, Oct 25, 2004
  5. Triple-S

    Triple-S Guest

    I do not normally go more than a few miles once the light has appeared...
    and to be honest, with 550+ miles between fill ups, an empty tank is usually
    something I am prepared for! But I was curious! I know from previous cars
    that you can have from 7 to 12 litres of spare capacity once the light has
    appeared (in a Rover 400 and the old shape Astra).

    Thanks for the reply.
    Triple-S, Oct 26, 2004
  6. Triple-S

    RichardT Guest

    in my 406 petrol 2,0 2000 I usally fill up about 65 liters when my warning
    light goes on..
    I noticed that the warning light goes on and off..first 20 km or so
    depending on up or downhill.. however I have never filled it up more than 67
    liters, but I don't dare to run long with the light on ;=)

    br // Richard
    RichardT, Oct 26, 2004
  7. I would carry a gallon of fuel and run the engine until it stops as these
    reserves are not very accurate. It is a good idea NEVER to use this facility
    as you are relying on running on any muck left in the tank.
    MICHAEL ROCHE, Oct 26, 2004
  8. Triple-S

    Nik&Andy Guest

    I would not try the 'running the car until it runs out of fuel' technique
    with the diesels, the TD engine is not self priming and you will have to
    pump by hand for ages.

    Nik&Andy, Oct 26, 2004
  9. Triple-S

    Marc Guest

    550 only?

    that is not a lot, i do some 1250 km with a fill up ( some 73 litres
    aprx) that is some 750 miles... 110hdi ( chipped to 138 bhp)
    maybe it is time for an injector overhaul

    an empty tank is usually
    Marc, Oct 27, 2004
  10. Triple-S

    Marc Guest

    the Hdi DW10 is self priming,
    Marc, Oct 27, 2004
  11. Triple-S

    Triple-S Guest

    I guess it all depends on how you drive!

    The best I have had is about 650 miles... but that is usually a long fast
    run (sitting on about 95mph, or more) for 300-400 miles followed by a few
    days of town driving... it all depends on where I am and what sort of
    traffic I am in.

    Where did you get your chipping done? I have looked in to it... but it will
    cause problems with insurance and an extended warranty I have. I did find
    something else about upgrading the intercooler - which will boost torque and
    fuel economy and make the car slightly faster... but I am a bit sceptical
    about all of these things. But I feel the car could do with a little more
    Triple-S, Oct 27, 2004
  12. Triple-S

    Paul Guest

    from your reply I would guess you are not living in the UK, I used to travel
    from Hertfordshire to Herford in Germany via the Hook of Holland and I would
    fill up in Hertfordshire and would have to fill up again about 25 miles
    before Herford, but on returning home I would fill up in Herford and make it
    all the way back to Hertfordshire and have a days travel to and from work.
    This was not a one off but once a month for about 18 months. I presumed
    from this that the quality of petrol in the UK is not to the same standard
    as central Europe.
    Paul, Oct 27, 2004
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