406 2.0HDi Fault Code

Discussion in 'Peugeot 406' started by Oli, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Oli

    Oli Guest


    I have had the fault codes of my 406 2.0 HDi yr2002 read.

    It has come up with fault code 1166 on a Siemans ECU. Does anyone know what
    this code represents? I am having very poor fuel comsumption (33-36mpg at
    absolute best) so hopefully it is going to be something to do with that.

    On another note I need a new seatbelt pre-tensioner for the driver's side -
    is this likely to be expensive and/or is it easy to replace??

    Thanks in advance,
    Oli, Dec 2, 2006
  2. This code is for the air fuel ratio in general
    your car being a HDI it suggests that is misreads the airflow comming
    into the engine.
    from the airfilter box to the turbo inlet there is a air weighter, 10
    to 1 this is the culprit, and if is is, you save enough on one full
    tank of diesel to get you another one, it should not cost you more
    than 40 quid and 2 minutes to install

    where did you have your ecu diagnosed? a pug dealer could say you
    right away what the coe means
    its an ordinairy piece of fireworks, should not brake the bank but be
    carefull, it can easely rip your flesh to the bones if that gets off
    in your hands..


    Marc Amsterdam, Dec 2, 2006
  3. Oli

    Oli Guest

    The car has now been to a main dealers for the fault codes doing. The
    report is as follows:-

    ECU Fault Code: P1166
    Engine Speed: 864RPM
    Measured injected flow: 8.96 mg/impulse
    Coolant Temperature: 47 deg c.
    vehicle speed: 0 k.p.h
    Battery Voltage: 14.35 Volt(s)
    Engine Status: idling
    Time elapsed since ignition positive: 42 second(s)
    Diesel Temperature: 38 deg. c.
    Diesel pressure: 410 bar(s)
    Pressure regulator OCR: 0 %
    Flow regulator OCR: 22 %

    "Intermittent fault. Diesel high pressure monitoring. Pressure controller
    at stop."

    Peugeot tell me that my economy problem is due to the DIESEL PRESSURE.
    Apparently 410 bar(s) is far too high. They have suggested i examine the
    high pressure pump, and sensors.

    Anyone any other ideas as the high pressure pump does not sound easy to get

    Oli, Dec 4, 2006
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