405 clutch cable -- fitting advice

Discussion in 'Peugeot 405' started by grimbonewt, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. grimbonewt

    grimbonewt Guest

    Clutch cable's gone -- again! '94 405 1.9 TD with 246,000 miles on the
    clock; clutch cable snapped yesterday. I only had it replaced 2 years ago.

    I've decided to fit a new one myself this time. The old one is held to the
    clutch pedal by a cable tie! I've managed to get to the cable and I've
    ordered a new one; hope to fit it this evening (in the dark). Any hints or
    tips on how to fit it? I gather fitting it to the pedal can be a challenge
    and the Haynes manual is very unhelpful in this area.

    grimbonewt, Jan 4, 2005
  2. If it's anything like my 306, in the dark is going to be a right pain. you
    have to track the cable round to the clutch and then feed it through a small
    hole in the footwell. I would suggest doing it in daylight with the bonus of
    a torch you get the best of both worlds. Even with a large lamp you'll get

    Having said that, 306 might be different to the 405, just advice here


    I gather fitting it to the pedal can be a challenge
    Stuart Palmer, Jan 4, 2005
  3. grimbonewt

    Wichita Guest

    The foot pedal end has a curious nylon mini-brick connector do-hickey
    which is usually what breaks ... hence, I suspect, reason for your
    cable tie. In fact nice AA man was actually carrying a used one as a
    spare when mine went, so common is fault.

    But outside of recommending a pillow for the door sill and a big and
    long-lived torch, I can't help ... because there's only room for one in
    there, and it was the AA guy.

    Err ... I did see, and he did say, that an big twin-screw electrical
    connector will usually do to get you home ....
    Wichita, Jan 4, 2005
  4. grimbonewt

    ossamar Guest

    Clutch Cable went on my 405 TD (170,000 miles)took a look in the dark and
    realised it was going to be a bitch of a job, the inner cable had broken
    about 2 foot from the engine end.Ordered a cable that night and rung a
    local mobile mechanic, thought I would let him roll around in the dirt for
    a few quid an keep my hands clean! Next day he informs me that it's the
    wrong cable, and the plastic clip is snapped. order a new clip (Peugeot) a
    another cable.next day get home from work car still not fixed he tells me
    there is still a problem with the cable! turn up Saturday with another
    cable in his hand works on the car for an hour then knocks on my door to
    tell me the clutch is knackered, this I find hard to believe as the car
    runs sweet as a nut. He starts the engine and it sqweels away, pay the man
    £30.00 for his labour and of he goes. I don my overalls and take a look!!
    It turns out his fitted a push cable on a pull clucth and the first cable
    was the correct one in the first place, spend the rest of the day putting
    his cock up right, moral of the story "don't always believe what the so
    called pro's tell you" I now know all there is to know about these clutch
    cables so if you need any advice drop me a line. right now to get my 30
    quid back!!!
    ossamar, Jan 11, 2005
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