308 Turbo not starting. Cranks a couple of times then cuts out.

Discussion in 'Peugeot 308' started by Krammig, Nov 4, 2023.

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    Nov 4, 2023
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    Thanks for reading,

    A perfectly running 308 Turbo Petrol 2007 will now not start.

    Rotating the key to the starting position, the engine turns over a couple of times then shuts off itself, even though I have the key in the starting position. Normally of course if there is a starting issue as I

    have seen before in our 207 and other cars, the engine keeps cranking as long as you have the key in the start position.

    In this case however, after a couple of cranks it just cuts out my itself, stops cranking.

    It is as if it has detected something is not set or being detected and just cuts out.


    Engine control unit #3
    P2262 Turbocharger boost pressure not detected
    P1694 Turbo Charge Reliefe Malfunction

    The second I am guessing is just because of the first.
    I am skeptical that it is the first anyway, but could be wrong. If so - what can I check ?
    I did read someone else had this problem and it turned out to be the crank timing sensor. Not sure where that is or how to test it.

    There is petrol pressure in the fuel rail

    If I insert the key and just turn it to standby as I call it, the first notch, the fuel pump starts up and runs for about 10 seconds. Then there is nothing, no other sounds. I seem to recall that normally the fuel

    pump runs for a lesser amount of time and then there is some clicking/clunk from engine bay area indicating something has kicked in. This is from memory so I could be wrong but I have that sense of it.

    FYI I did replace the Radiator Fan Cooling Resistor Relay last week and the car has been running fine since.

    Checked all fuses

    I would appreciate any suggestions on where to start looking / probing etc, as it is my wifes car that she uses to get to work.

    I have a Viecar ODBII and also am handy with a multimeter.

    Krammig, Nov 4, 2023
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